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Woman Decides To Record Herself Singing, Then Notices Her Dog Doing Something Hilarious

Woman Decides To Record Herself Singing, Then Notices Her Dog Doing Something Hilarious

As I was a proud dog owner once, I’ve gotten used to the fact that my German Shepherd had some strange and unusual habits.

I mean, he was not the sharpest tool in the shed, and his playful behavior would be a cause for a lot of smiling and laughing.

They are just funny like that, and it gives them joy when we are happy, regardless of what they are doing.

It’s what makes them our best friends, and it’s an important bond that we all have to appreciate more.

So, in this story, we will talk about a woman who recorded herself singing, but noticed that her dog also started doing something hilarious.

A Very Vocal Dog

dog looking at the owner
Source: TikTok

When a meteorologist named Kelsey McEwen decided to make a new resolution for herself, it was an interesting one.

She made it her task to sing more, but in order to track her progress with singing, she had to mark it in some way, so she recorded herself.

However, something unexpected happened when she pressed the record button. As she started singing, her dog, Eddy, joined her as well and started howling.

woman in blue shirt and dog
Source: TikTok

Kelsey was taken aback by this as her dog was over three years old and had never howled before, so she laughed when she heard him do it.

Eddy seemed really passionate about his own vocal talents, and his owner called it a ‘doggie vibrato’ when he started singing.

After this funny event, Kelsey decided to post Eddy’s amazing skills on TikTok for the entire world to witness.

A Reaction In The Comments

brown dog and owner
Source: TikTok

After the video was posted, it went viral pretty quickly, and Kelsey was surprised by the many reactions to Eddy’s singing, most of which were positive.

One commenter said: “Aw! What a cutie! My husky loves vocal warm ups too. He’s also a big fan of showtunes- and uptown funk, for some reason.

While it may seem normal for a Husky to do this, not every dog likes to howl or be so vocal about things, which is why it was surprising that Eddy started doing it.

Another commenter had a similar situation happen to them and said: “My step mom has a chihuahua that would do this when I would play the trumpet.

This is an interesting situation, as it shows that our dogs can understand music more than most of us ever suspected.

And lastly, one person gave a small piece of advice to the owner by saying: “Play a wolf howling for him! My dog never howled until he heard that lol. Yours looks like it might be an Anatolian mix of some sort!

As evidenced by the video, most, if not all reactions to the video were positive, and this video illustrates how our pets can always surprise us when we least expect it.

@kelseyamcewen I made a goal to sing more often… apparently Eddy did too. #dogsoftiktok #howling #cutedog #funnydog ♬ original sound – Kelsey McEwen, Meteorologist