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Woman Realized That The Stray German Shepherd Who Followed Her Home Was Carrying A Sweet Secret

Woman Realized That The Stray German Shepherd Who Followed Her Home Was Carrying A Sweet Secret

Sometimes, we all need a little bit of luck! And, that day, Nala sure had some!

This wonderful German Shepherd girl was roaming the local streets in an attempt to find a refuge for herself, but she had no success.

Then, she saw Karen, a woman who immediately felt like home! While walking down the neighborhood sidewalk, Karen noticed that this stray girl was following her from a safe distance.

Being a passionate dog lover, Karen immediately warmed up and welcomed Nala’s move with an open heart. What this kind-hearted woman didn’t know at the time was that Nala was keeping a huge secret…

Who Saved Who

Even though she was evidently nervous and timid, Karen had all the patience in the world for this GSD girl. She waited on the side of the road for Nala to gather some courage to approach her, and eventually, she did!

At the time, Nala was very weak and malnourished. According to the locals, she was abandoned by her family four weeks before she bumped into Karen

“The first two weeks, she was sick, scared and weak. I took her to the vet where they also scanned her, and they couldn’t find any chip. She was covered in ticks and thin, so these few weeks gave her time to heal and rest,” Karen wrote on Instagram.

Watch the heartwarming video here.

Karen was so amazed by the fact that Nala came into her life like a miracle, as she was (at the time) second-guessing the idea of getting a new dog. Before Nala, Karen had a Golden Retriever, Lola, who sadly passed away. 

She was devastated after her loving Lola crossed the rainbow bridge. The two had been together for over a decade, and since her departure, Karen wasn’t sure if she was ready to have another dog.

But, destiny intervened and sent her Nala – posing the question: “Who, in the end, saved who?”

Revealing The Sweetest Secret

A few weeks after she was saved from the street, Nala’s condition suddenly changed. She started showing signs of bloating and sickness, which made Karen worried sick. She reacted immediately and took her German Shepherd girl straight to the vet!

That’s when it became clear – Nala wasn’t facing any health issues! She was pregnant! 

At the time of her rescue, this girl was four weeks along, but due to her malnourishment, she wasn’t displaying any sign of pregnancy.

Within a few days, Nala gave birth to eight wonderful babies who were named after superheroes: Sonja, Hawkeye, Flash, Wolfie, Daisy, Falcon, Drax, and Rocket.

“Nala means Queen and gift, and this fits her perfectly! All puppies are named after superheroes because they battled against all odds to get here and won!! They are all strong and wonderful,” says Karen.

Nala was such a great mom all along. She nursed her babies and kept them warm and safe at all times. Nine weeks later, they all grew into wonderful pups and went to their furever homes.

Nala continued her amazing journey with Karen. She became a wonderful companion who enjoyed every second of her new life. 

She even went with her mom on a road trip to Napa, California, where the two experienced amazing sights and tasted some delicious food!

In just a short period of time, Nala became irreplaceable for her mom. She adapted into her little family like a true princess, and Karen couldn’t be happier. She didn’t only fill the void in her life, but she made a brand-new one around her mom.

The two are still going strong, making every day special! Even though their trip to Northern California was just an icebreaker – we’re absolutely pawsitive that the two will have many more road adventures ahead of themselves! And, we can’t wait to see them!

You can keep up with Karen and Nala on their Instagram account!