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Woman Noticed A Small Animal In The Parking Lot So She Decided To Check It Out

Woman Noticed A Small Animal In The Parking Lot So She Decided To Check It Out

Everyone acquainted with Rose Hunter, from Lincoln, Nebraska, is aware of her passion for houseplants. 

She visits Campbell’s Nursery in her town on a regular basis, and there’s nothing surprising about it; however, what ended up happening on one of her spontaneous trips to said nursery was quite shocking for everyone. 

Rather than coming home with just a new plant, she ended up bringing a tiny living creature as well. 

A Shocking Revelation 

While walking back from her trip to Campbell’s Nursery at 56th and Pine Lake, Lincoln, Hunter noticed something strange in the parking lot.

baby kitten on the parking lot
Source: Rose Hunter

At first look, she thought it was just another oil spot on the concrete, but as she got closer, she realized it was actually something else. 

Still quite a distance away, it looked like a small, round, and furry mass on the concrete, and she had no idea what it could be. 

“I was sad thinking it was a baby rabbit that had died,” Hunter wrote in her Facebook post.  

Her curiosity led her to approach the furry mass on the ground, only to realize that it wasn’t a baby rabbit or a squirrel, but whatever it was, it was definitely alive.  

“YOU GUYS IT’S A BABY KITTEN!!! And it is ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe this, and idk what to even do right now,” Hunter wrote.  

The kitten was very tiny, probably around 5 days old. 

cute baby kitten
Source: Rose Hunter

“I felt very exhilarated. Suddenly, my heart rate jumped up as I realized that I needed to do something — but what?” Hunter told The Dodo.  

She quickly decided to pick up the tiny kitten and bring it to the safety of her car.

Hunter was ready to adopt this kitten in a second, but she knew it was still way too young to be without its mother. At that moment, she didn’t know if the mom cat was still around. 

So, she called Campbell’s Nursery from the parking lot to ask if they noticed any stray mom cats around, but unfortunately, no one had seen anything. 

She then decided to bring the kitten home and come to the same parking lot the next morning to give its mom another chance to claim her kitten. 

The kitten was a boy, so she named him Campbell, obviously. 

“I took Campbell back to Campbell’s in the area I found him to see if his mom might return. Unfortunately, there was no sign of her. Given how massive that property is, it was a long shot, but at least we tried,” Hunter said. 

Adopting The Kitten

When mom didn’t appear, Hunter quickly decided that she would adopt the kitten. 

After the vet’s appointment, she learned that Campbell was definitely under a week old, and luckily, he looked great, but he was still too young to be on his own.

baby kitten laying on blue towel
Source: Rose Hunter 

After posting about her situation on Facebook, Hunter connected with a friend whose mom’s cat had just had babies, and arrangements were made for little Campbell to go live with a foster mom cat. 

“I want what is best for him and for him to have the full kitten experience. And this way he can properly learn how to be a cat and socialize with fellow kittens,” Hunter said. 

Miraculously, a foster mom cat named Tully immediately accepted Campbell as her own. “It was remarkable to watch their first meeting and see him latch onto her for the very first time,” Hunter said. 

grown up cat
Source: Rose Hunter

For the next six weeks, Campbell lived in his foster home, socializing with his foster siblings and growing purrfectly.  

After those six weeks, it was finally time for him to go to his forever home. Hunter had no doubts at all about the adoption. 

“There was no question about it. Honestly, within a minute after discovering him, I was like, ‘Okay, so your name is obviously going to be Campbell’,” she told The Dodo.  

adorable kitten enjoying her cat bed
Source: Rose Hunter

Campbell is now a happy and healthy kitten who is loving his life at the Hunter household. He’s one silly and playful kitten who will hopefully live a long and happy life with his new mom.