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Woman Noticed Eyes Staring At Her From The Shadows And Screams Before Realizing What It Is

Woman Noticed Eyes Staring At Her From The Shadows And Screams Before Realizing What It Is

You know that weird feeling that you get from time to time, as if somebody is watching you? Well, a woman by the name of Joey Sala felt the exact way when she was getting ready to go back upstairs from her basement.

As she was climbing up, she noticed a pair of glowing eyes staring at her from the shadows. Joey’s heart started racing, but little did she know, there was no need for that, as this little monster was simply adorable.   

In The Shadows

stairs with shadow
Source: The Dodo

As soon as her eyes met the ones from the dark, Joey screamed and jumped back. However, she was able to gather her courage and face her fears.

And, when she did, she was pleasantly surprised.

black shadow in the stairs
Source: The Dodo

Lurking from the shadows was an adorable black cat named Pepper, who belonged to her mom. When she came to this realization, Joey laughed at herself, as she managed to get scared yet again by Pepper’s stealthy skills.

“She scared me so bad. She didn’t flinch at all when I yelled. She stayed right there … It was like being in a horror movie. You don’t want to find anything or anyone staring at you through the stairs in the basement!” Joey told The Dodo.

something between stairs
Source: The Dodo

Hide And Seek Champion

The entire family knows Pepper to be the best Hide and Seek player out there, as hiding in plain sight and scaring her family members is as easy as taking a nap.

“Pepper does blend in a lot. She likes to lay on black clothing, my mother’s black purse [and] in almost any dark place,” she added.

The shadows under the stairs aren’t the only good hiding place Pepper knows.

black cat with clothes on the bed
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She is also able to blend into the most obvious places, making her family call out her name a thousand times, and even thinking that she went missing.

After a few moments of panic, Pepper emerged from the shadows, showing everybody that she was able to outsmart them yet again.

funny black cat
Source: The Dodo

Even though Joey was relieved that it was just Pepper playing a little game, she can’t help being annoyed that this clever cat managed to get her yet again.

Unfortunately for Joey, I think that it is evident that Pepper won’t stop her game any time soon, meaning that as long as she is around, Joey will be subjected to many more scares in the future.

Good luck!