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Woman Noticed A Pregnant Dog Was Staying In The Shelter So She Decided To Foster Her

Woman Noticed A Pregnant Dog Was Staying In The Shelter So She Decided To Foster Her

Pit Bulls are unfortunately a very misunderstood breed. Because of this, there are many stereotypes about them – the most common of which is that this type of dog is unadoptable. 

Therefore, it’s hard to find a shelter that doesn’t have at least one Pit Bull behind bars. A woman named Noelani became convinced of this one day when she visited a shelter in Fresno, California. 

In one kennel, a poor Pittie named Zia stared at her with a sad look, which struck Noelani straight in the heart. 

However, what saddened her the most was that Zia was waiting for the babies to be born in these horrible conditions. At that moment, this big-hearted woman decided that she had to do something.

Indeed, she did a good deed…

Her Babies Put A Smile Back On Her Face

pitbull at the shelter
Source: The Dodo

Noelani didn’t think for long, but immediately decided to contact the shelter staff in order to provide this Pittie with a place where she would safely welcome her babies. She decided to provide her with a foster home.

Although she was still sad as well as confused, you could see a hint of happiness on Zia’s face as she was driven to her new home. 

There, instead of cold concrete enclosed by bars, a warm bed surrounded by loving people awaited her. All she had to do was wait for that happy moment. 

pitbull sitting
Source: Noelani & Pups

Not long after she arrived, Zia went through the nesting process, announcing the imminent arrival of puppies. And, it was truly festive when four puppies were born 2 boys and 2 girls. It was the first time Noelani had seen her sooo over the moon.

“Once she was done, she was, oh man, she was so much more comfortable,” Noelani said in the video released by The Dodo. “She really was super relaxed.”

The babies brought their mommy so much joy right away. 

All Puppies Had A Bright Future Ahead Of Them

Zorro, Zoie, Zaina, and Zeus, as their foster family named them, each had their own unique personalities. 

Zorro, the little brown one, was the loudest, while Zoie, the runt of the litter, was sweet and shy. Zoie needed the most love in this world, and her mom didn’t hesitate to give it to her. 

Zaina was a puppy that radiated positive energy and one that longed for adventures and new experiences. Finally, a boy named Zeus, the biggest of the litter, was the most mischievous doggy. 

However, what they all had in common was that right at the beginning of their lives, they were all showered with a lot of love. 

The benefits of this could be seen immediately on their first trip outside. They were very confident in their exploration and happy to start their life’s adventure. However, the best was yet to come.

Four weeks later, Noelani happily announced: “Puppies are ready for adoption!”  Behind the scenes, she had already arranged everything with their new owners who were waiting for their new family members at the premises of Fresno Bully Rescue

Mike and Monica, who recently moved into a new home with their little son, adopted Zoie. The expression on the boy’s face is the best testimony to the joy that the new member brought to this family.

little boy looking at puppy
Source: The Dodo

On the other hand, a woman named Amanda, whose dog, Cash, passed away recently, couldn’t hold back the tears when she saw Zaina in her arms because her look reminded her so much of her beloved Cash.

Zorro and Zeus also found the families they deserved, and thus, they all successfully became independent and sailed into the happy waters of their life’s journey.

Mom Went On A Well-Deserved Furever Vacation

woman and pitbull in a car
Source: Noelani & Pups

Of course, we did not forget the main heroine of today’s heart-warming story. And, definitely, this story wouldn’t have had its happiest ending if this brave Pittie mom hadn’t also found her place under the sun.

Fortunately, Zia didn’t have to wait long for her new home. A woman named Liz saw her story on Instagram and it had such a huge impact on her that she immediately decided to contact Noelani. 

They quickly solved the necessary technicalities, and after that, it was clear that her family would soon become richer with one full-fledged member. The moment Zia met her new favorite people, there was no doubt that she was going to be well-loved and taken care of.

In the end, apart from the fact that this incredible story about the journey of a dog family celebrates the love for these beautiful furry animals, it also talks about how, regardless of stereotypes, they all deserve a chance. 

Because when they find themselves in the right place, surrounded by the right people, all prejudices fall like a house of cards.