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This Woman Noticed A Dog In Need And Spent 3 Years Trying To Rescue Him

This Woman Noticed A Dog In Need And Spent 3 Years Trying To Rescue Him

Sometimes, rescuing a stray dog can be a troublesome task. Most of us assume they just wait to be saved at any moment.

And, while that sentiment is partially correct, one thing most people forget is that these pups can be very frightened of any human contact, likely due to abuse of some kind.

Because of this, it can be an incredibly challenging task to rescue them. In this story, we will talk about a woman from California who tried for three years to catch a scared, stray dog.

A Three Year Mission

stray dog in grass
Source: The Dodo

As Kristine was coming back home from walking her dog, she noticed something strange nearby. It appeared to be a very large creature.

It was only moments later that she realized it was a really big dog. He had been calling out for help from her and she couldn’t say no.

She immediately got into her house, took a lot of dog food, and brought it outside of her fence, so the scared dog could pick it up.

Kristine continued this routine for a very long time. She told The Dodo: I would put food out for her every morning and every evening. 

This would go on for almost three years. She tried for so long to catch her, but she just seemed to be too scared and would run away anytime they got near her.

stray dog standing in grass
Source: The Dodo

However, this did not deter Kristine. She would continue giving her food every day, and decide to keep trying.

As winter was approaching, they thought of an interesting idea. She got her own dog house right next to their property in California.

They believed that this would ease her up a little bit and she would have a warm and cozy place to stay in.

This mission failed, as that did not happen. She would refuse to stay anywhere near their house after she ate.

Now, it was getting a bit difficult. Kristine knew she had to find out where the dog was going, so she might have a chance of reaching out to her that way.

A Successful Rescue Mission

close-up photo of the stray dog
Source: The Dodo

She kept telling this dog’s story, now named Lulu, in hopes that somebody would help her catch her. 

Eventually, a man named Matthew came along and decided to give it a try. He spent a long time rescuing dogs, so this was his area of expertise.

He said: It just became an obsession right away. 

Matthew was very motivated to help this poor dog no matter what. Somehow, he managed to get close enough to her, so she could grab the food that he was bringing.

Now comes the genius plan. In order to catch Lulu, they needed to put a leash on her, but they weren’t sure how. 

Matthew decided to try and jerry-rig the leash in the grass, so Lulu would go through it and the leash would stay.

woman kissing the dog
Source: The Dodo

In the end, the plan worked. After successfully catching her, Lulu just kind of gave up on running away and realized that these people were only trying to help her.

Matthew said: I was able to calm her down and put a slip lead on her.

When Kristine saw her, she just hugged her and gave her a lot of cuddles and kisses. Lulu was more than happy to receive them and she really enjoyed the attention.

Not even a few days after her rescue, Lulu had already found her forever home with Laura and Molly, who were ready to take care of her and give her the best life possible.

Despite the fact that she was adopted, Kristine and Matthew still loved to visit her and she loved seeing them as well, knowing that they were the two amazing people who rescued her.