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Woman Lies On The Floor With An Abused Dog To Help Him Overcome The Past Trauma

Woman Lies On The Floor With An Abused Dog To Help Him Overcome The Past Trauma

My heart breaks for all the innocent pups who have been mistreated and let down by their owners. Instead of giving them all the love in this world, their cruel owners hurt them and the pups’ hearts become overwhelmed with fear.

These canines lack love – the only thing that can chase away their fears.

Donnie was one of the terrified canines who lost his trust in people after he was abused. Eventually, the pup ended up in a pound. He was hiding and shivering in a corner. 

After staying in the pound for a year, the canine almost lost all hope of getting his happy ending. He couldn’t imagine that loving humans would come to his rescue and help him turn his life around.

Rescuing Donnie And Giving Him Hope

cute adult dog on a leash
Source: The Dodo

Shira Scott Astrof, the founder of The Animal Rescue Mission, a rescue in California, heard about Donnie and the hardships he went through. She and her team of rescuers pulled him out of the pound and brought him to the rescue.

Astrof felt heartbroken after she saw a sad look on Donnie’s cute face. The pup was very scared and he avoided any contact with his rescuers. He couldn’t forget the humans who betrayed him in the past.

Astrof was an experienced rescuer who had always been drawn to rescuing canines who were just as terrified as Donnie. She and her team helped all of them become pups who enjoyed life. 

She believed that she could help Donnie, too. In order to win his trust, she sat with him in his kennel. The pup began warming up to her.

The next day, she got him out of the shelter. The canine was still terrified and all he wanted to do was run. 

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Source: The Dodo

Astrof and her fellow rescuer wanted to take Donnie to Astrof’s home, but the dog refused to enter the car. They kept talking to him and trying to convince him to come with them. After four hours of negotiating, the scared pup agreed to get in the car.

Feeling Safe After A Long Time

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Source: The Dodo

Astrof sat with Donnie in the back seat, stroking him and telling him that everything would be alright. After realizing how much his rescuer cared for him, the doggo felt connected to her.

Astrof rejoiced at seeing the glimmer of hope in Donnie’s eyes.

“There was this moment where we were in the car and he was sitting on my lap and I think it was, like, the first time in probably a year that he just realized that he was safe,“ Astrof told The Dodo.

It seemed as if he felt relieved to leave the shelter. With a sweet smile on his face, he gave his rescuer a little kiss. Astrof was glad that she had gained his trust.

When they arrived home, she noticed that Donnie was terrified of everything. After seeing that he was lying on the kitchen floor, Astrof joined him and they both laid on the floor.

woman and dog sleeping next to each other
Source: The Dodo

She wished to show him that she was there for him. Astrof stayed with Donnie all night.

“The first night, I always stay up all night with them. I’m showing them, ‘Look, you can trust me. I’m just gonna lay here I’m gonna be here for you,’“ she added.

Donnie realized that his rescuer was a good human. She made him feel safe and the pooch started relaxing. 

Since Astrof couldn’t foster him, she found him a great foster mom – her friend, Nikki. The following day, the adorable pup moved in with her.

Donnie Gets His Happy Ending

Nikki showered him with love and attention, and the pup came out of his shell. He became a happy and confident dog who enjoys playing and running around.

Donnie was ready to start a new life in his forever home. He met a loving family and stole their hearts. 

They took him home and the handsome California boi was over the moon. He loves playing with his doggy brother. Donnie feels infinitely loved and cared for. 

We couldn’t be happier that he found his happily-ever-after.