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Woman Learned That The Pittie She Rescued Has A Very Strange Fear

Woman Learned That The Pittie She Rescued Has A Very Strange Fear

Pups are our best friends, and we can’t imagine our life without them. The bond that we build with them is one of a kind. Dogs are the best of companions, and sometimes they are our soulmates, too. We love them unconditionally, and we can always count on their support and love.

Today’s story is about a beautiful and unbreakable bond between a shelter Pittie named Nala, who had an unusual fear, and her foster mom, Sol. 

The moment Sol saw the adorable puppy for the first time, she became enchanted with her.

Nala’s Story

When Nala was just a puppy, a kid was selling her in a cardboard box in front of a grocery store in Southern California. As soon as they noticed it, a Good Samaritan decided to intervene. Worried about the little puppy and where she might end up, they decided to intervene.

Wishing to do what’s best for the pup, they bought her and took her to the Bullies and Buddies Rescue.

Sol was a regular foster. As soon as she saw the puppy’s beautiful eyes, her heart melted and she decided to foster her.

Fostering The Sweet Puppy

Sol took the cute fur baby named Nala home and she fit in perfectly. They showered each other with love. The more time Sol spent with Nala, the more she fell in love with the beautiful canine.

As her foster, Sol had to take Nala to adoption events. Every time she drove her to the event, Sol would cry. 

“I was hoping secretly that she wouldn’t get adopted selfishly because I wanted more time with her. She didn’t get adopted once and she didn’t get adopted twice and then I was like, there’s no way that I’m gonna be able to give her up,” Sol told GeoBeats Animals.

She officially became Nala’s forever mom, and the two became best friends. Sol describes her as “a big, beautiful, luscious, furry hippopotamus.”

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Source: @solymazz

The wonderful canine wants her parents’ attention all the time. Whenever her mom has a Zoom meeting, Nala wants to participate, too.

Sol knows that her doggo is spoiled, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“She’s the epitome of the spoiled dog. But she deserves it because she’s my love,“ Sol said.

Despite being a big dog, Nala is afraid of both rain and wind, and she likes to hide in her mom’s closet. 

The Best Of Friends

Sol found the perfect companion in Nala, and they make each other feel safe. Whenever the pup senses that her mom is hurting, she knows how to comfort her. She puts her head on her lap and lets her know that she is there for her.

Nala loves cuddling with her mom and letting her know how much she loves her.

“Every night we’ll go to our bed for a couple hours and then when I wake up she comes back and cuddles with me in the morning. She’s the reason I get up and smile every morning,” Sol added.

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Source: @solymazz

Nala lives her best life in California. She loves napping on a couch and snuggling with her parents.

Nala’s story serves as a reminder of how a simple act of kindness can change someone’s life completely. Huge thanks to the Good Samaritan who took Nala to the rescue where she was destined to meet the mom of her dreams.