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Woman Heartbroken When She Learns Why People Keep Avoiding Her Dog On The Street

Woman Heartbroken When She Learns Why People Keep Avoiding Her Dog On The Street

A dog can change your life in ways you never expected. And, Ginger definitely changed Kassidi’s – for the better!

The minute she laid eyes on this sweet, playful pup, she immediately knew that they were meant to be. The two bonded as if they had spent time before and ended up living in a loving home together.

What Kassidi didn’t know at the time was that having Ginger would help spread awareness and shed light on pet parenthood. Here’s why!

The Sweetest Pup

Very sad dog
Source: @gingers_naps

Kassidi Jones adopted Ginger as a tiny pup from a Pennsylvania-based rescue called Providence Animal Center. The two became inseparable right off the bat, and their life consisted of endless walks and playtime every day.

“Anyone who knows me will tell you Ginger is loved. LOVED loved. If she needs something, I’ll move mountains to make it happen,” Kassidi wrote on Instagram.

They visited local parks, took long city walks, and had some quality cuddle sessions in their cozy home in Connecticut.

Everything seemed perfect at first until Ginger grew into an adult. Then, Kassidi started noticing strange things.

Woman hugging her dog in the car
Source: @gingers_naps

As she became sturdier and more muscular, Ginger started getting odd looks from people. Some of them would even cross the street to go around her and her mom or leave the park whenever they showed up. 

Even though she was a mixed breed, Kassidi realized – people started identifying her as a Pitbull. Not only that – she was often referred to as dangerous or violent, leaving Kassidi heartbroken.

Knowing how sweet and loving her dog was, she couldn’t bear the thought of Ginger being misperceived just because of her breed.

Unpleasant Reality

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Source: @gingers_naps

Kassidi never thought she would have to deal with public opinion whenever she would take Ginger outside. 

She adopted her for her wonderful personality and fell in love with the incredible girl she is, but some people in the neighborhood apparently did not feel the same way.

Jones perfectly understood that people have a plethora of justifiable reasons to be afraid or not to trust a dog. However, what bothered her the most was the underlying patterns that are based exclusively on what Ginger looks like.

And, her look definitely didn’t do her justice! Underneath those muscles, there was an attentive, affectionate dog ready to reciprocate the love she received. Despite her obedience, her character is what Kassidi loves the most about her.

“I pay attention to her, and I value her attention more than I value her obedience,” she wrote.

Happy dog laying on a lawn
Source: @gingers_naps

That’s why this giant-hearted dog lover decided to make an Instagram account and educate the public about pet parenting. 

Every day, she and Ginger shed light on this important issue and create informative content about animal advocacy

Kassidi’s goal is to break stigmas and stereotypes about seemingly aggressive pet breeds, such as Ginger’s. By putting the word out there, she is absolutely positive that the narrative can be changed, but it sure takes time.

Until then, she and Ginger will continue to have the time of their lives together, making each and every day an adventure! And, hopefully, one day, this gorgeous doggo girl will be seen by people through Kassidi’s lenses!