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Woman Heartbroken To Find A Tiny Doggo Family Tied Together And Dumped In A Plastic Basket

Woman Heartbroken To Find A Tiny Doggo Family Tied Together And Dumped In A Plastic Basket

My heart shatters in a million pieces every time I see a helpless dog fending for itself.

But, to see an entire canine family struggling is just beyond words!

According to USA Today, around 10 million dogs cross the rainbow bridge every year due to abuse, neglect, or cruelty. 

This devastating statistic becomes even more brutal when witnessed firsthand, painting a realistic picture of how challenging the mission of an animal rescuer can be.

One such sad story comes from California. A dog mom: with her puppies, in a basket… only days from facing the inevitable!

A Sorrowful Sight

white dog tied up
Source: Suzette Hall

A giant-hearted worker from an industrial area spotted a mom dog and her three babies placed in a tiny plastic basket. Tied together and dumped in one spot, the dogs had no place to go.

They were clearly abandoned by their previous owner, who left them there at the mercy of the streets. They were left with absolutely no food or shelter above their head. All they had in that moment was each other’s company.

The person immediately contacted Suzette Hall, a long-time rescuer of Logan’s Legacy, from Irvine, California.

“I literally couldn’t believe it when I pulled up. Tied together in an industrial area. Literally dumped. Did they actually think they would survive out there,” Hall wrote on her Facebook.

Throughout years of rescuing dogs from various situations, Hall witnessed many heartbreaking stories. But, this one in particular was devastating! 

three puppies in basket
Source: Suzette Hall

This kind woman immediately jumped into action and rushed to save this canine family from the basket. 

To her surprise, the canines didn’t display any sign of aggression at all! Being let down by their previous owner, it was expected to see the dogs raging or showing fear. But, instead, they turned out to be true little sweethearts!

They were just happy to see someone extending them a friendly hand. The mom even started to wag her tail as Hall approached and addressed her with a nice, warm tone.

“Mama was wiggling her tail that I had come. I see the little eyes looking up at me from inside the basket,” Hall wrote.

Off To A Better Life

puppies in basket
Source: Suzette Hall

After she scooped them up from the floor, Hall took these furry beauties to a better life! 

However, the start of their journey wasn’t that glamorous after all. Being on their own had taken a toll on their health. Aside from ticks caused by outdoor life, the mom also had diarrhea, and she was throwing up.

“Poor mama has diarrhea and throwing up. The puppies and mama are covered in ticks. We need to run a lot of test for this little family,” Hall added.

For now, the family will be treated by a medical team at Camino Pet Hospital, Irvine, California, until they are fully recovered. Once their situation has improved and they are finally ready to embark on a new journey, the puppies will be in search of a forever home!

Hopefully, their new exciting adventure awaits just around the corner. They truly deserve it!