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Woman Heard Noise Outside Her House And Was Met With A Surprise When She Realized Who Was Causing It

Woman Heard Noise Outside Her House And Was Met With A Surprise When She Realized Who Was Causing It

I’m pretty sure that all of us love waking up to a nice and quiet morning, listening to the sound of chirping birds outside of our window. Well, that wasn’t what a morning to this New Yorker looked like.

As soon as she woke up, she heard some strange screaming coming from her yard. Frighted, she went out to investigate, and what she saw shocked her.

Shocking Discovery

raccoon stucked in fence
Source: TikTok

A ball of fur was trapped in a fence, unable to move. As she looked around, she saw an adult raccoon standing and staring at the fence.

She immediately put the pieces together and understood that helplessly trapped in the fence were her babies, and she was desperately trying to call somebody to help her.

The woman immediately contacted Karenlynn Stracher, a New York rescuer, who swiftly headed to the site.

Rescue Mission

raccoon on fence
Source: TikTok

At first, Karenlynn thought that it would be one of the easier rescues, but when she arrived, she realized that this wasn’t the case.  

Because the raccoons were tightly stuck in the fence, Karenlynn understood that she would need some backup, so she called the emergency service police unit.

“There was no time to waste, and I needed to try something now, not just wait for their arrival. Fortunately, the very kind and concerned homeowner was willing to assist me,” Karenlynn told The Dodo.

The experienced rescuer decided to use a grabbing tool in order to try and free the babies. One of the raccoon’s legs was stuck, pinched between a wall and a pole, an opening that got tighter as it went down.

woman checking the fence
Source: TikTok

This meant that the rescuer had to be really careful because if the raccoons slid down any further, they would end up being badly injured.

With some maneuvering, she managed to free the top baby raccoon. After she put him safely in a carrier, she went back for the other one. 

Eventually, she managed to get that one out safely as well. 

raccoon in fence
Source: TikTok

“They were very frightened, but I’m certain they were happy to be freed. Keeping them together helped alleviate some of their anxiety as well,” she said.

Karenlynn captured the whole rescue on camera, sharing it on social media.

The rescuer immediately took the babies to an expert, so that they could be examined for injuries before they were returned to the wild.

After a thorough checkup, the adorable siblings were deemed healthy and were returned to the place where they were initially found.

After a little while, the raccoon mother returned, eagerly waiting to be reunited with her babies.

As soon as they were together again, the little family ran back to the woods where they belonged.

“They are still with Mom and seem to be thriving and none the worse for this experience,” Karenlynn concluded.

Final Word

Luckily, nobody was hurt and everything worked out perfectly in the end.

However, it is important to remember that if you do come across a raccoon who needs some assistance, do not approach it on your own, as they are known to carry rabies.

Raccoons are one of the most common animals that carry this deadly virus, as well as skunks, bats, and foxes.

I understand how rewarding it is to rescue an animal in need, but it is important that you put yourself first, keep a safe distance, and contact your local animal control, as they are trained professionals and will know exactly what to do.