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Woman Finds A Mysterious Animal On The Side Of The Road With Its Head Stuck In A Plastic Container

Woman Finds A Mysterious Animal On The Side Of The Road With Its Head Stuck In A Plastic Container

While driving through Kettle Creek State Park, in Pennsylvania, Sarah Lindgren noticed something on the side of the road that made her stop her car. 

She stumbled upon a distressing scene – a baby animal with its head trapped inside a plastic container. 

Without hesitation, she made the heartfelt decision to intervene and rescue the helpless creature. 

Her quick thinking and kindness made a world of difference for a tiny life in need. 

If she hadn’t done that, the frightened animal wouldn’t have survived. 

The Rescue Mission 

Sarah Lindgren, who is actually a Park Manager at Kettle Creek State Park, was heading into the town of Cross Fork, PA, when she noticed something on the side of the road. 

“I noticed what looked like a bear with something on its head just laying motionless on the berm of the road. I obviously did a scan before I walked up, I just, I knew that mom wasn’t around,” Lindgren said in her interview with CBS News.  

She carefully approached the little animal and saw that it was indeed a bear cub who had its head trapped inside a plastic container. 

Poor animal! He must have been so scared for his life. 

He was all alone and waiting by the side of the road for someone to help him. 

“As I walked up to the cub, he picked up his head. So, I went into super sneak mode to approach him,” Lindgren told The Dodo

Lindgren then grabbed the container and held onto it until I got it pulled off. 

The poor baby cub was so dumbstruck and disoriented afterward that he simply stood there looking at the woman. 

“I kind of hung out, so he didn’t run out onto the road or like topple over,” Lindgren said. She also started to encourage him and reassure him that it’s all okay now. 

“The car came, and he spooked up into the tree and sat there and rested for a few hours,” she added.   

The Famous Bear Cub 

Lindgren posted a video on her social media of how she saved a young bear from a plastic container, and it quickly blew up. 

Thousands of people saw it and everyone wanted to know how the young bear was doing afterward, so Sarah posted an update. 

She notified the Pennsylvania Game Commission about the young bear, and they found that the bear cub was old enough to survive on his own. 

“The famous bear cub recovering in a tree. Mom hasn’t been around through the whole ordeal, but the cub is old enough to survive on its own. It’s certainly not an ideal situation, but it’s better off today than it was on Sunday,” Sarah said in her Facebook post.  

According to Lindgren, the bear population in Pennsylvania, especially where the bear was found, is very healthy, so the bear should survive on its own. 

“The biggest message here is just to be bear wise, you know securing your trash and securing your food items. It’s a big part of being bear wise. It was just ‘Oh I need to do this, and I just did it’. I did what I legally could do, and I’m happy that I came along to help”, Lindgren said. 

It’s safe to say that everyone around the city fell in love with the little bear, as well as with brave Sarah, who did something that not a lot of people would do. 

Sarah has helped a number of animals throughout her life, and she should serve as a role model for all of us.