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Woman Shocked To Find Her Bed Messy, Then Discovers The Reason Behind It

Woman Shocked To Find Her Bed Messy, Then Discovers The Reason Behind It

Once you win his heart, a dog will be loyal to you for the rest of his life and will love you indefinitely. Numerous stories celebrating a dog’s love for his best human friend have been told, but they never cease to amaze us.

Today’s story emerged from a video posted by a woman while she was away from her home in Arizona, which, once again, shows how much an owner means to his dog. 

The main star of this video is a Pit Bull who, in a characteristic way for canines, demonstrates the essence of a dog’s relationship with a human.

It is a video that touched the hearts of people from all around the world. 

They Were Inseparable

It was not easy for a woman named Saraphine to move to a new apartment in Arizona. However, throughout that transitional period, her ten-year-old pittie, Damon, made it easier to overcome all those difficulties.  

He was by her side and was her biggest supporter all that time. Of course, Saraphine was close to his heart as well, and she didn’t like to be separated from him

Yet, she still had to go to work, so Saraphine and Damon were forced to get used to living without each other for at least those few hours a day. Easier said than done, especially when it comes to Damon. 

The following video best shows how much it means to him every time his beloved owner returns home.

@saraphineisabellestanier hes not the most graceful thats for sure… #fyp #trending #pitbull #pibble #camera #seperationanxiety ♬ original sound – Saraphine’s Version

Saraphine was already used to Damon’s emotion-bursting welcome whenever she came home. However, she still noticed something strange — her bed was always messy whenever she entered the house

That’s why she decided to look on her Petcam to find out what it was all about. The scene she saw there left her speechless. 

Howling From The Heart

As soon as her impressions of what she saw on the camera settled, Saraphine decided to share these scenes on her TikTok profile in the form of a video

Aside from the sentence at the beginning that reads: “No wonder my bed looks like a mess when I come home,” the video shows Damon fashioning a cozy nest in the bed where he then curls up and lies down.

In this way, he prepares his comfort place to perform the action that motivated Saraphine the most to share this video with her TikTok followers. 

From the very depths of his heart, Damon begins to howl, and in that sound, one can accurately discern the sadness caused by the departure of his beloved human.

It is a moment that will remain etched in Saraphine’s heart for the rest of her life. But, it is also a living testimony of the unbreakable bond between a dog and his favorite human.

This short video will surely leave a strong impression on you as well. 

@saraphineisabellestanier any tips on how to make a dog stop howling when you leave #fyp #trending #pitbull #pibble #camera #seperationanxiety ♬ original sound – Saraphine’s Version

Many Reactions

Apart from the fact that this action has a symbolic meaning, Saraphine realized that there is an underlying problem of separation anxiety. Another video of Damon while mommy is not home shows it best.

@saraphineisabellestanier anyone know how to stop seperation anxiety with dogs.??? #fyp #pibble #pitbull #apartment #seperationanxiety ♬ original sound – Saraphine’s Version

That’s why she asked the question in the caption: “any tips on how to make a dog stop howling when you leave”, alluding to this very problem.

Tips on how to deal with a dog’s separation anxiety include teaching him some independence, reducing outside stimuli, training him to use his crate, and always having someone around the house. 

Of course, the viewers of the video also had some interesting suggestions.

“My dog did this and I ended up getting him a dog, haha, it seemed to work,” one user wrote, and another one added: “I always leave the TV on.”

There were also numerous other reactions in which users showed different emotions that this video awakened in them.

“i’m not crying YOURE crying,” one viewer wrote. 

“Never leave them, problem solved 🥺,” another one added. 

And, the third quipped: “Howling is how dogs call to the pack to locate each other , it’s an emotional response they want u to come home 😭.”

We couldn’t agree more with the last one.