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Woman Taking Her Dog For A Walk Finds A Shocking Surprise In A Pile Of Leaves

Woman Taking Her Dog For A Walk Finds A Shocking Surprise In A Pile Of Leaves

When Jody took her dog for a traditional walk across the Enola Low-Grade Trail in Pennsylvania, she thought it would be an outing just like any other.

However, at one point, while they were passing by the forest, her canine suddenly became agitated and started dragging her toward a nearby place covered with leaves. 

Since he rarely reacts like that, Jody knew something was wrong. The scene she found in that place was a shock since some mysterious animal was lying motionless in the leaves. 

Because it was camouflaged so well, Jody couldn’t tell for sure what it was at first.

A Nasty Accident

injured owl on the ground
Sources: Facebook and Facebook

When Jody got a little closer and examined the animal, it was clear to her that an owl was lying in leaves. But, since she knew little about owls, she decided to take a picture of it and send the photo to someone who is more of an expert, in this case, Raven Ridge Wildlife Center.

After people from the rescue center saw the picture, they confirmed that it was an owl – a great horned owl. But, they also said that it is rare to find this type of animal in a condition like this.

“It is always a red flag when an owl is found grounded and fails to fly away when approached,” the center wrote in their Facebook post. “Especially when it’s in the middle of day.”

Therefore, they knew they had to react quickly if they wanted to save this poor creature. Only a little time had passed and the volunteers were already at the place rescuing the owl and bringing her to their premises.  

When they examined her in detail, the initial prognosis was not good. According to the post, “she couldn’t stand, was shivering, couldn’t open an eye, was falling over, cold, dehydrated, and dazed”.

That’s why they immediately started with emergency triage and constant monitoring every 30 minutes. Although the situation was extremely uncertain, they hoped for the best.

What was most bizarre in this whole case was the reason why this Pennsylvania owl ended up in this bad condition. Believe it or not, they suspect she was sprayed in the face by a skunk…

Back Where She Belongs

Regardless of the accident that befell her as well as the severity of her injuries and the difficult rehabilitation she had to go through, this resilient owl came out victorious.

“We are thrilled to share with you the remarkable transformation this owl has made! THANK YOU, to everyone that was sending prayers and healing thoughts his way,” RRWC wrote in their Facebook post, a little more than a month after she’s been saved. 

The recovery process was not at all easy, but in the end, it was all worth it when they saw what a beauty this owl had transformed into. 

Upon her was the second part of recovery – an easier one, but the one with the ticket to her true home

That day came soon, as Raven Ridge Wildlife Center posted an UPDATE on their Facebook page shortly after the New Year – a month after the start of the second phase of her recovery.

“What a way to start the NEW YEAR our first release of 2024!” they wrote. “The owl has made a complete recovery and is back home where she belongs.”

owl flying
Sources: Facebook and Facebook

Although grateful to the people who helped her, this great horned owl wasted no time taking off into the trees above as soon as she realized that she was finally where she belonged. 

It was the smell of freedom that she just couldn’t resist.