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Woman Shocked To Find A Living ‘Ornament’ Hiding In Her Christmas Tree

Woman Shocked To Find A Living ‘Ornament’ Hiding In Her Christmas Tree

Imagine hearing a strange sound coming from your beautifully-decorated Christmas tree. Might I add, it’s a fake tree.  

Brett Ingram, from Dallas, Texas, came back home from a second day at her new job to find something unusual hiding in her Christmas tree. 

First, it started with a faint sound that she couldn’t quite pinpoint, but then she heard a little sneeze, which came from none other than her tree. 

Upon careful observation, she found a set of eyes staring back at her, perfectly hidden among the beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. 

To say that she was completely shocked would be an understatement.

An Opossum Playing Ornament 

christmas tree
Source: Brett Ingram

This Christmas, coming to your small screen is a lovely comedy starring a completely shocked woman and a confused Opossum that just wanted to be one of the beautiful ornaments. 

When Brett first heard the faint sound, she looked around the tree, but she didn’t see anything. 

And, then she heard this strange noise again. 

“Then I saw it — a huge, long, naked tail hanging down the back side of my tree. My eyes moved up, but I stayed completely still because I wasn’t sure what it was yet. I saw a giant, breathing ball of gray fur,” Ingram told The Dodo.

She was completely in shock and freaking out. 

“I backed up and looked around through the front of the tree and saw his adorable face looking right at me,” she added.

There, in her beautifully-decorated Christmas tree, was a gray Opossum, looking completely at home and just staring at her. 

Ingram didn’t know how he got in nor how long he was inside her tree. If it weren’t for his little sneezes, she probably wouldn’t have noticed it. 

“I’m literally freaking out right now. I have no idea how this opossum got in my house and up in my tree, and I don’t know what to do,” Ingram said in her hilarious TikTok video that now has millions of views. 


I don’t understand how this thing is in my house right now.

♬ original sound – Brett

Ingram happened to be alone in the house since her boyfriend was working out of the state that night, so she had to figure out what to do all by herself. 

She put on rubber gloves and tried to get him out of the tree, but the opossum was not having it. 

He wasn’t going down without a fight, it seemed. 

Feel-Good Christmas Story

an opossum in christmas tree
Source: Brett Ingram

Ingram then decided to call a wildlife expert, who told her that they don’t do house calls at night and that she’ll have to grab him herself. 

So, that’s exactly what she did. 

However, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. The opossum got off the tree, and while Ingram tried to get him, he ran under the couch. 

According to Ingram, this process happened around five times – her trying to catch him, and him running around and hiding under the couch. 

“He was huge. The video just makes him look like a baby,” Ingram said. 


Up close and personal with the christmas possum 🎄 #possum #christmas #opossum

♬ original sound – Brett

After what seemed like an eternity to Ingram, she did eventually manage to catch him and set him free outside. 

Despite the initial shock, the crazy encounter with the opossum made Ingram’s day, who is a huge animal lover. 

“It made my entire month, actually, despite my initial shock. I will never forget Christmas 2023,” she said.