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Woman DNA Tests Her Dog, Only To Discover A Shocking Secret About His Family

Woman DNA Tests Her Dog, Only To Discover A Shocking Secret About His Family

Being a dog owner, you never know when your loving companion will surprise you.

And, the best thing is – those surprises are usually the ones to remember for life!

When Cathy first adopted Wilee, never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that this furry boi would uncover secrets, even years after their first encounter. But, one day, right after Wilee’s DNA test, it happened!

Wilee’s Unexpected Sibling

woman sitting next to dog
Source: @wileefam

Even though she DNA tested her dog years ago, Cathy only knew a few things about Wilee’s past. He had a mom and two sisters that looked nothing like him, and she always wondered if he had any other relatives.

Wilee was adopted from a woman in Atlanta, Georgia, leaving Cathy with zero information about his family. But, as she decided to DNA test her dog via Embark one more time – something amazing happened!

Cathy discovered that Wilee also had a brother, Nic – and he looked exactly like him!

dog lying
Source: @wileefam

It was unbelievable how the two looked exactly like each other, and Cathy couldn’t contain her excitement either!

“They are like literally twins and Wilee doesn’t look like any of the relatives he’s matched with thus far, except for Nic,” Cathy said in a TikTok post.

She shared the news on her TikTok account, which ultimately led to thousands of reactions from all over the world. But, right after she announced the news about Wilee’s new immediate family member, she posted another update!

She reached out to Nic’s family in order to get some more info, completely discouraged that they’d ever respond – and got shocked again!

“Everyone was saying in my comments ‘Owners never respond, they’re not gonna respond,’ but they responded immediately,” says Cathy.

The text said:

“Hi Cathy, we adopted Nic from the Alpharetta Humane Society when he was a baby in Dec 2018. All his siblings were still there.”

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Source: @wileefam

The family even sent her some of Nic’s photos from when he was just a little pup. Looking at them brought tears to Cathy’s eyes. She just couldn’t hide her happiness knowing that her rescue mutt had a twin brother living with some other family.

People seeing Nic and Wilee’s photos were delighted to see this amazing story of long-lost brothers, leaving emotional reactions under the post.

Living The Best Life Thanks To His Momma

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Source: @wileefam

Despite his ruff past, Wilee has never been happier than he is now with his momma!

The two live in New York City, making each and every day a brand-new adventure. From the posts Cathy shares on a daily basis on her Instagram and TikTok, it is evident that Wilee has the time of his life.

woman with dog on a leash
Source: @wileefam

Together with Cathy, he goes out on city walks, gets to wear fashionable outfits, enjoys his plushies, and meets lots of new friends all the time.

He even helps his momma make pawdorable TikTok videos on her official account, making their followers roll in the aisles with humorous content. 

One thing is for sure – Wilee is gonna keep on living his best life. And now, with Nic in the picture, we’re gonna definitely wait for the moment his mom announces the day of their reunion!