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Woman Discovers An Injured Pup While On Vacation And Gives Her The Best Possible Life

Woman Discovers An Injured Pup While On Vacation And Gives Her The Best Possible Life

When Diana Salinas went on vacation, she couldn’t have imagined that she would come across a furry creature that would change her life forever.

As soon as her dad spotted a starving, stray puppy, he called Diana and asked her to feed the little pup, who was clearly in need of help. The moment Diana saw the helpless canine dragging her back legs, her heart sank.

Determined To Help The Little Pooch In Need

After seeing that the pup refused to eat, Diana became extremely worried for her health. She took the little pooch in and decided to adopt her as soon as she came back to the U.S. She named her Pinta.

Both she and her dad feared that Pinta might be in a lot of pain and that the vets would suggest putting her down.

Diana tenderly stroked Pinta, giving her the love and support she lacked all this time.

She was resolved to do everything she could for Pinta and give her a chance to have a normal life. 

As her vacation was coming to an end, Diana was desperately looking for the vet who would give her pooch the best possible care.

“Last minute, the day that I was supposed to go back home, I found a doctor who was willing to take her in. They found that she had fractured her vertebrae and one of her legs was broken,” said Diana.

The vet informed her that Pinta would need surgery that would save her life.

Pinta’s Road To Recovery

Before going back home, she paid for the surgery and entrusted Pinta to the care of her vet. Diana breathed a sigh of relief after she found out that the surgery was successful.

She received updates about the pup’s condition regularly and she rejoiced at seeing that her girl was getting better.

After four months passed, it was time for their reunion. Diana’s mom flew to pick up Pinta and bring her home to her mom, who couldn’t wait to have her fur baby in her arms again.

Both Diana and Pinta were over the moon to be with each other again. Diana was overjoyed to see that Pinta looked so much better.

The Life Of Her Dreams

The lovely pup quickly settled in her forever home in California. Diana showered Pinta with love, and the delightful doggo continued to thrive in her home. She learned how to swim and her walking improved.

Her family was delighted with her personality that started shining through.

“Now she has a huge personality. Now she loves to play. She loves people. Her personality is she’s super goofy,” Diana said.

Although taking care of her wasn’t always easy, Diana would do it again in a heartbeat.

Her biggest reward was seeing Pinta turn into a different dog who enjoyed life. The wonderful doggo couldn’t stop smiling.

Diana and her boyfriend can’t picture their life without Pinta. The wonderful pup has brought so much joy into their lives.

“I love her so much. And I’m so happy that she’s in my life and I hope she’s in me and my boyfriend’s life for so many years… We want to give her the best life possible that a dog can have,” sadi Diana.

Knowing that Pinta found the forever home and a loving family she always wished for makes me feel over the moon. I’m grateful to Diana and her family for rescuing her and giving her the life she deserves.