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Woman Discovers A Scared Pit Bull Wandering Near Train Tracks And Decides To Help

Woman Discovers A Scared Pit Bull Wandering Near Train Tracks And Decides To Help

It’s never easy to see a dog struggling, especially when there’s little or nothing that you can do about it. Sadly, so many of these four-legged furballs live in terrible conditions, trying to survive without proper care and shelter.

When a woman from Los Angeles, Meme, saw a helpless Pittie girl wandering near train tracks, she decided to do something about it.

This dog was clearly emaciated and needed immediate help, but she was just too scared to approach the kind-hearted woman.

That’s when Meme came up with a plan!

Love At First Sight

dog standing on a rail road
Source: @mahgentaa

The Pittie was standing for quite some time on train tracks, refusing to get any closer to his rescuer. She had the saddest eyes and was evidently emaciated from life on the street.

Meme tried to approach her a couple of times, but the dog was hesitant to make any contact.

Then, Meme offered her a sandwich. She put it near train tracks and hid behind the corner of a nearby building, not wanting to disturb the dog. 

adorable black dog laying on the ground
Source: @mahgentaa

In the very next moment, the Pittie realized that this hooman was there to help. She slowly lifted her head up and walked towards Meme, and the rest, as they say, is history! 

All it took was some kind words and a gentle pet to transform this timid girl into the sweetest lovebug. In just a couple of seconds, she started to wag her tail, and she rolled on her back, asking for some belly rubs!

black dog laying on the back seat of the car
Source: @mahgentaa

At that point, Meme knew that she couldn’t leave her

“Something kept me from leaving. It was as if I could not physically move away,” Meme wrote on TikTok.

She took the dog to her car, and the two drove away – to a better life!

The Baby Girl Is Now Safe

woman and black dog laying down
Source: @mahgentaa

Meme still doesn’t know whether this girl was abandoned or she just got lost, but the important thing is that she’s safe.

After she brought her home, Meme introduced the Pittie to the rest of the family – and this sweet girl loved it! She instantly fell in love with Meme’s mom and felt like a princess already.

She even got a nice, comfy bed where she could rest from all the things that she had to cope with for the last few days. 

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Meme and her family were extremely grateful to be able to help her, as she sure wouldn’t have made it on her own. 

Hoping that she had a family of her own, they posted her pictures all over social media to try and reach her owners.

“Baby girl has been posted on all missing pet platforms and no one has yet to claim her nor have we found a report matching her description,” Meme wrote on TikTok.

close view of adorable black dog
Source: @mahgentaa

Until someone claims her, or she finds another suitable home and a family to live with, this Pittie girl will spend her days in her temporary Los Angeles home.

She already feels much more relaxed and comfortable, but she definitely needs someone who won’t let her down. After all the hardship she had been through, she deserves a nice home and people who will love her unconditionally!