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Woman Shocked To Discover A Tiny Furry Baby Crouching In The Corner Of The Yard

Woman Shocked To Discover A Tiny Furry Baby Crouching In The Corner Of The Yard

Living on the streets is hard for all homeless canines, but for little puppies, it’s all the more so. Instead of being in their parents’ loving embrace, many fur babies are left to fend for themselves and face the dangers that lurk on the streets.

Mystic was one of the tiny fur babies who found herself fighting to survive and depending on the morsels of food she found on her way.

The puppy was injured and hungry, and she badly needed a helping hand. While she was roaming a California neighborhood, dragging her paws, she spotted a quiet family house. She decided to stop by.

With her heart glimmering with hope, she curled up in the yard and waited for help.

An Adorable Fur Baby Needs Help

When Jaymee Cisneros came to check on her parents’ house while they were on vacation, she discovered a tiny baby crouching in a corner of the yard.

As soon as the puppy noticed Cisneros approaching, she looked at her with her sad eyes as if she was pleading for help.

The pup seemed a little bit timid at first, but she soon wagged her tail.

She must have sensed that she came across a good human who would show her kindness.

Cisneros took the pooch, later named Mystic, in her arms and noticed that she was injured.

She called her friends who run Tanya’s Adoption Network 4 Young Animals – an animal rescue located in California, and told them that she found a pup in need of help. 

Her friends agreed to take Mystic into their care.

While Cisneros was waiting for them to pick her up, she brought Mystic to the house and gave her a bath. The pup felt relieved and safe that someone took care of her.

Cisneros wrapped her up in a towel. Mystic was incredibly sweet to her rescuer, and she kept looking at her with love. She was grateful for her compassion and care.

The puppy took a long nap. After she woke up, she enjoyed a nice meal.

Cisneros snuggled with her. Mystic felt glad to receive the love that she missed while she lived on her own. The two of them established a loving bond right from the start.

Just like Cisneros’ friends promised, they came to collect the puppy and they took her to the rescue. 

It didn’t take long for Cisneros to realize that she missed the sweet fur baby.

“… As soon as the rescue left with her, I felt like I was missing something. I ended up reaching out to [the] rescue after they left and let them know if she didn’t have a family and became adoptable, we would gladly take her in,” Cisneros told The Dodo.

Finding The Family She Always Dreamed Of

Mystic was given the necessary medical attention, and she soon recovered. 

Since she didn’t have a microchip and there was nobody who was looking for her, Cisneros and her family gave her a forever home.

The sweet puppy’s face was beaming with joy. She found a family who adored her and doted on her. She will never have to endure hunger and loneliness on the streets.

We’re glad that Mystic found a home filled with love, and we hope that all stray dogs will soon find a place to call home.

No pup deserves to be left to fend for themselves. 

If you encounter a homeless canine, please give them some kindness and help them get to safety by contacting a local shelter or a rescue. In doing so, you will be helping someone who has nobody else to rely on.