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Woman Didn’t Want Bully Dog At All, But Now This Pup Is Her Everything

Woman Didn’t Want Bully Dog At All, But Now This Pup Is Her Everything

Bully breeds generally do not have a good reputation. Unfortunately, this has influenced many people when choosing a dog, so shelters are full of this breed.

For a long time, a woman named Alyson was of a similar mindset, as she was against the idea of ​​adopting a bully. Her husband was on a similar track.

That was until one day, when Alyson got a call from a rescue that asked her to foster a blind puppy.

Fate Wanted Something Else

When Alyson came to the shelter where the blind puppy was, she immediately started rolling her eyes when she saw him. It was an American bully. 

Although she was still determined not to foster a bully, let alone adopt one, the sweetness she found there put her in a difficult dilemma.

She couldn’t say “no”, so she decided to start with Levi, as this bully dog ​​was called, as her foster dog.

“So I went to Walmart and I picked up a laundry basket and I went and picked up this very tiny puppy. I was nervous but at that time, I was also only thinking it was going to be only two weeks,” Alyson said for Cuddle Buddies

It will quickly turn out that that time will be much longer than just two weeks.

He Was The Cutest Furry Pop Of All

After just a couple of hours together, Alyson knew the blind little pup wasn’t going anywhere. Against all odds, Levi had already found his forever home. 

Alyson immediately began researching different ways to train blind puppies, but unfortunately, she didn’t find much information. 

So, she made up her own training methods for Levi and used what tools she could find. It wasn’t easy at all, but none of them were willing to give up. 

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“I pretty much just turned into a helicopter parent making sure he didn’t bump into anything,” said Alyson. “I had bought him a hula hoop that goes around their head, and it kind of helps them get used to a layout.”

He couldn’t avoid hitting the wall, especially at the beginning of his training since every beginning is difficult. But, no matter how sad he was about it, he would try again, and again until he had perfected his movements.

Besides his sweetness, it was this courage and persistence that Alyson admired the most, and it ultimately led her to the decision to adopt Levi after all. 

New Little Brother Brought The Light To His Life

Every day, in every sense, Levi progressed more and more. However, the problem of relationships with other dogs remained.

Alyson decided that she was going to socialize him with other dogs in a daycare. Unfortunately, that didn’t go well. 

“He was being fairly aggressive with the other dogs in the daycare because he is blind from birth so I thought he would be an only child forever,” Alyson concluded mournfully. 

But, after only a few days, things changed completely. Alyson adopted another bully puppy, and guess what… he was also blind. 

Levi got a little brother, Jax, and the two got along unexpectedly quickly. 

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He was a support to his younger brother in many ways. He taught him how to use the doggy door and how to drink from the water bowl. Also, by the sound of the collar, Jax was following Levi everywhere. 

Levi just loved being a big brother and the two became inseparable. 

That’s how he went from being an unwanted bully in the shelter, not only to a forever home, but also to a beloved brother who became his best friend.

This dog story taught us all a lesson about how it is possible to reach the skies in life, even though everything seems to be against us at the moment.

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