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Woman Couldn’t Stop Laughing After Seeing What Her Dog Did To Her New Puppy Sister 

Woman Couldn’t Stop Laughing After Seeing What Her Dog Did To Her New Puppy Sister 

Oh, the thing she did to her own baby sister! 

You will be flabbergasted.

You will be shocked.

You won’t believe she actually did that!

And you’ll definitely LOL, ROFL, LMAO and what not, because this is one hilarious story. When Millie’s hoomom saw what she was doing to her baby puppy sister, she couldn’t stop laughing. Seeing her do that was probably the most hilarious moment in mom’s life.

And it’s probably the funniest moment in the history of dog sibling rivalry too. 

Come share a laugh with us! 

Sibling Rivalry Or Something Bigger?

dogs digging a hole
Source: TikTok

All older brothers and sisters will understand. You get to live your pawfect life in your pawfect home with mom and dad, and then something happens that breaks that idyllic routine.

A baby brother or sister.

In Millie’s case, it was a baby sister… Bella.

So long, cuddle sessions with mommy. So long, being the favorite one in the house. 

The throne now has to be divided. There’s no more Millie the queen. It’s now Millie and Bella.

dog and puppy in a hole with paws
Source: TikTok

“We got Millie as a puppy when our daughter was two so she’d have a dog to grow up with,” Gemma Stevenson, the mom of the house, said in an interview for Newsweek. “Bella came along two years later as we felt Millie was lonely during the days since I was back working more as our daughter got older. So we got our dog a dog.”

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s quite common to get your dog a dog just to make them feel better in their own home, having someone of their own kind.

Little did the Stevenson family know… Millie doesn’t share. Period.

At first, they all thought the two pup girls would get along just fine. Still, as time passed by, no major improvements in Millie’s and Bella’s relationship happened. Millie was still looking at Bella as an impostor.

She stole her family! She stole her pawfect life and wants it all for herself. How could she?!

“When we brought Bella home, Millie was very intrigued and excited, like all siblings are when the baby first arrives,” Stevenson said. “But she soon found Bella too much.”

The constant buzzing around her and Bella’s incredible puppy energy started to get on Millie’s nerves. 

One thing led to another, and, well…

dog playing with puppy outdoor
Source: TikTok

She figured out a way to get rid of her sister.

It was the perfect plan. Bella didn’t suspect a thing! She thought they were playing. But, Millie wasn’t playing at all. Millie was determined to finish her evil mastermind project. 

She was this close to burying her baby sister alive in a hole she dug by herself!

And then… Mom saw it all and took a video of it. 


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It was a classic scene from the movie Step Brothers: 

  • What are you doing?
  • I’m burying you.
  • I’m alive… I’m alive!
  • You’re waking the neighbors! Shut up!

All jokes aside, Millie didn’t get to bury her little sister, fortunately (I guess).

Jealous? Not much. Not even a little bit. 

Gemma, Millie and Bella’s mom, shared an update on her TikTok profile. 

Guess what? Bella’s not in danger of being buried alive anymore! 

Eventually, Bella grew on Millie. Although they were not the very best of friends at the beginning of their journeys, Bella and Millie are now besties. 


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It’s double trouble now, and the girls are plotting which mischief to do next. 

How about burying the neighbor’s cat?