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Woman Woken Up By Loud Noise Couldn’t Believe What Cute Thing Broke Into Her House

Woman Woken Up By Loud Noise Couldn’t Believe What Cute Thing Broke Into Her House

I think that we can all agree that if we were woken up in the middle of the night by some weird noise, we wouldn’t be able to go back to the peaceful sleep we were in.

This would be especially true if we heard the strange noise coming from within our house.

Well, that is exactly what a homeowner in Santa Cruz, California, experienced. However, when she finally found out what was causing the noise, her heart melted.  

Intruder Alert

broken window in house
Source: The Dodo

When the Santa Cruz resident first heard the noise, she thought it was just the wind moving some things around, so she managed to go back to bed.

However, when she heard the noise again, this time, much louder, she realized that it was actually coming from inside the house.

Deciding to go investigate, she was left completely shocked.

messy house
Source: The Dodo

As she turned on the lights, the homeowner found out that her home had been completely ransacked.

Her chairs were knocked over, the potted plants were completely tipped over, and even the paintings on the wall were crooked.

After looking around all that mess and observing the damage, she noticed something cute hiding behind a mirror.

raccoon in messy room
Source: The Dodo

The Cutest Trespasser

As it turned out, the culprits were a little family of raccoons – a mother and her little baby.  

Apparently, they managed to get inside the house through the dog door, letting themselves explore the house and making a mess in the process.

As soon as the pair realized they were caught red-handed, the mother managed to run to the door and get out, leaving her son behind.

raccoon standing next to the window
Source: The Dodo

Not knowing how to get the baby raccoon to follow his mom, the homeowner decided to call some reinforcements.

Soon, the owner of Urban Trapping Wildlife Control, Dan Burton, was on the scene.

“We were walking through her house, and there’s stuff all knocked over. We got to the bedroom where the raccoon was, and it looked like someone had thrown a total tantrum. It was something else,” Dan told The Dodo.

raccoon sitting in the room
Source: The Dodo

Even though it took Dan some time to capture the furry little guy, as he was constantly running away, in the end, he managed to grab him without causing any more damage to the home.

“We were able to carry him out where his mom was and then let him go. I’m sure he reunited with his mom,” he added.

man in gloves holding raccoon
Source: The Dodo

Dan generously decided to stick around and help the homeowner clean up the mess made by the adorable little rascals.

The clean-up went by really fast and, luckily, there was no serious damage and nobody was injured.  

“She was more than thrilled that the raccoons were out of her house and that she was able to get back to sleep. She was glad no one was hurt. She said, ‘Where we live, you still have tons of wildlife to share it with.’ She gets that. They play a major role in our ecosystem,” he concluded.

Final Word

This homeowner did the right thing by calling Dan for help.

Since raccoons can carry rabies, an infectious disease that can be transmitted to humans through a bite from a rabid animal, it is best if they are handed over to trained professionals.

If you also end up finding a fluffy raccoon in your house, please keep a safe distance and do the same thing.