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Camera Catches A Woman And Her Dog Having A Moment Of Pure Joy  

Camera Catches A Woman And Her Dog Having A Moment Of Pure Joy  

Have you ever experienced the wonderful surprise of your dog offering comfort or a burst of laughter in a moment when you needed it the most without even realizing it? 

Well, it’s not a secret that dogs have this innate ability to understand our needs beyond the surface, providing us with exactly what we yearn for in crucial moments.

It’s what makes our relationship with our pets truly special.  

Makayla and her dog, Grissom, have brought laughter to millions of people with their hilarious viral video, but above all, at that exact moment, Grissom knew that his mom needed him the most. 

The Happiest Moment Ever 

@justttmakayla Remove hood✍🏻 and bring treats to trade✍🏻 Got it😅 #UpTheBeat #ThinkingAbout #goldenretrieverlife ♬ original sound – Makayla + Grissom🐶

This is the moment of pure joy that went viral a couple of years ago, and continues to bring laughter to people around the world to this day.

“When he grabbed my hood, all I could do was laugh. I know that it was the release that I needed to be able to just feel lighter,” Makayla, Grissom’s owner, told The Dodo

Grissom might have confused the furry jacket hood for a toy, but the story behind the entire video suggests that he knew exactly what his mom needed at that moment. 

According to Makayla, that period of her life was extremely challenging, taking a toll on her and her mental health. 

“I was going through a rough patch in life during that time. It was December of 2020, and I had just gone through a bad breakup a few months prior, and Grissom was going through his teenager phase,” Makayla added. 

In addition to dealing with the aftermath of a breakup, Makayla had to move from Virginia back to Rhode Island and work 15+ hours every day trying to get two businesses up and running.

Meanwhile, Grissom was going through his “teenager phase,” and was a lot to handle for someone who was already struggling. 

owner and dog laying on a terrace
Source: The Dodo

Grissom grabbing her hood at that moment was all it took for Makayla to break down. 

“My emotions were running sky-high, and the day he grabbed my hood was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Sometimes we don’t get to decide how we display a mental breakdown, but for me, at that moment, all I could do was give up and laugh. And it truly was a laugh that I so desperately needed for my soul. It was a core memory that I will never, never forget,” Makayla said in her Instagram post

Although she never realized it, Grissom just knew she needed that laugh more than anything. 

Makayla And Grissom 

Even from a young age, Grissom was always an anxious and apprehensive dog, prompting Makayla to seek the assistance of a trainer. 

Makayla was able to learn so much about anxiety in dogs and figure out what Grissom’s triggers were. He was never an aggressive dog, just overstimulated sometimes.

Going back to the moment when Grissom grabbed her hood, Makayla said: “So, we were playing fetch, and I was thinking about a training session that we had, where she was telling me, ‘this is what you do if he grabs the leash.’ I was like, nobody tells you what to do when he grabs your hood.”

Since that moment of pure joy, the bond between Grissom and Makayla only grew stronger. 

“He is truly my best friend. He is the great love of my life, and I consider him my soul dog,” Makayla said. 

She strives to give him the best love-filled life every day.

That video might be the best memory of her life that she will definitely cherish forever. 

Remember to give your furry friend some love today because you are all they have.