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After Parting Ways, Woman And Her Beloved Dog Find Each Other Again In A Heartwarming Reunion

After Parting Ways, Woman And Her Beloved Dog Find Each Other Again In A Heartwarming Reunion

Among many people, there are numerous doubts that our furry pets genuinely love us and that they are not with us just for food and a roof over their heads. Although this is one of the important factors for canines, true dog lovers know that the love of our best friend has deeper roots.

Many stories are good examples of that but those whose main course of events revolves around the reunion of a man and his best furry friend truly show it best. This is exactly the central theme of today’s story and heartwarming video that touched many.

One woman and her beloved dog, Mya, spent three joyful years together and they created a really strong bond. Unfortunately, there came some difficult moments that made it impossible for her to provide her pet with a life worthy of a dog. 

With a heavy heart, but with the best intentions, she handed her over to a foster family who could provide her with everything she needed. Yet, after all that time spent without her, the reunion with her beloved Mya was this woman’s main motivation to get her financial life in order again.

Tears Of Absolute Joy

After a tough struggle and many sleepless nights, everything has finally settled down again in this woman’s life. She found a well-paying job, paid back all her debts, and finally had a place to call home.

Someone from a distance would say that she could not even wish for anything else. However, only she knew that the moment of her greatest happiness was yet to come

woman and man at the door
Source: RM Video

On that special day, this woman was just waiting for her phone to ring and get the news about when exactly she should appear at that location. When that finally happened and when they told her to immediately come to the shelter, she instantly got ready and rushed toward that place. 

As soon as she arrived in front of the shelter, she heard a recognizable voice coming from inside. After one of the employees took her in, this woman’s eyes filled with tears when she saw her old friend in the kennel. It was her beloved Mya patiently waiting for her. 

woman opening the kennel
Source: RM Video

All her doubts about whether Mya would remember her when she saw her again disappeared as soon as she heard loud cries coming from inside. Those were the tears of absolute joy that only the sincere and pure heart of man’s best friend can produce.

Mya couldn’t wait to be in the arms of her favorite person again… so much that she tried to break through the bars of the kennel that separated them. As soon as they opened the kennel door, Mya jumped into the arms of her beloved human

dog hugging the woman
Source: RM Video

It was one of the longest hugs ever as excited Mya simply refused to let her go. In that one embrace, they made up for all the love they couldn’t express to each other all this time while they were apart. Tears just flowed and flowed. 

The video of the heartwarming reunion is right below. 

Millions Of Melted Hearts

As you can already see, the people who were present when this magical moment occurred did not miss the chance to record it and share it with the others. As expected, this video posted by RM Videos, melted the hearts of people all over the world… millions of them. 

There were many positive and heartwarming comments, and we singled out only a few of them. 

“It’s pretty crazy how two different species can have such a special bond.” one user wrote. 

“There’s nothing like the unconditional love of a much loved pet” another added. 

And, the third quipped: “She’s crying..the dogs crying and now I’m crying.”

One person said that when he watched this video, he did not shed a tear, but he is probably not telling the truth. Every person who has a heart cannot remain indifferent to the scene that shows the essence of the greatest love in the world – the love of a dog for its beloved human.