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Cat Mom Adopts This Adorable Chihuahua-Pug Mix And Falls In Love With Dogs 

Cat Mom Adopts This Adorable Chihuahua-Pug Mix And Falls In Love With Dogs 

With her decision to adopt a shelter dog, a devoted cat mom decides to break the mold and welcome an adorable Chihuahua and Pug mix into her feline-dominated home. 

Little did she know that this experience would uncover a newfound love for dogs that she, like many, never knew was missing from her life. 

Cricket, an adorable, but also unusual Chihuahua-Pug mix, quickly became a very loved member of the family. 

Meet Cricket 

Before coming to her furever family, Cricket didn’t exactly have a great start to her life. Along with another small puppy, she was dumped outside the local shelter. 

“Cricket had been left with another puppy. They were both just left in a cardboard box outside the shelter steps in early February. When the shelter staff came in a day or two later ‘cause they had been closed for the weekend, they found her and the other puppy,” Tanya, Cricket’s mom, told GeoBeats Animals.   

Cricket was then adopted, but sadly, also returned to the shelter because the people who had adopted her were allergic. 

It was then that Tanya and her family decided to adopt Cricket. 

Since being adopted, little Cricket has had several surgeries to repair her legs due to certain genetic deformities. 

It took four surgeries to get her healthy, but thankfully, she has been doing really well. 

“She’s got a big old plate in there and some pins in there, and the other leg still had wires in there. But she’s done really well,” said Tanya.  

Cricket brings joy to everyone she meets, and everyone loves her. Between the family’s friends and coworkers, she is a true celebrity. 

“You would never know she’s ever had anything negative happen to her in her life. Even when we would take her for rechecks after her surgeries and stuff, she would just love everybody there,” Tanya said. 

Cricket might be small, but she has always had a huge will to live and a really positive impact on everybody she meets. 

The Life Of A Chug 

A Chihuahua-Pug cross is an adorable mix of the two said breeds, often called the Chug

They are small dogs, but come with big and fun-loving personalities, just like Cricket. She is the perfect mix of the two breeds, very expressive and very affectionate. 

Cricket has this habit of sticking her bottom lip out every time she truly wants something, and the more she wants it, the more that bottom lip sticks out. 

“She loves to cuddle and if I’m home, she’s suction cupped to me all day. If I am not home she is either stuck to my mother, my son, or my husband,” Cricket’s mom said.  

They are all Cricket’s emotional support humans!

The funny thing is that Tanya had always been a cat mom, and she never even dreamed of owning a dog until Cricket came to their life. 

The cats luckily accepted little Cricket and took her under their wing, but since living only around cats her whole life, she has started to act like a cat. 

So, she grooms like a cat after her meals, and she just does a lot of weird cat stuff. “She’s just never been around dogs, so she doesn’t really know how to be a dog. Even my son refers to her as a cat,” said Tanya. 

Cricket has completely turned Tanya’s life around, and Tanya has become a dog mom that she never thought she could be. 

Psst! Don’t tell the cats, but there is a probability that Tanya might love Cricket more than her cats because she is simply that great. 

Take a look at Cricket’s story for GeoBeats Animals: