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Kind Woman Adopted A Senior Dog And Helped Her Lead The Best Life Ever

Kind Woman Adopted A Senior Dog And Helped Her Lead The Best Life Ever

I am sure that the staff of every shelter around the world gives it their all to ensure that every single dog has the best time in their care.

They also dedicate a lot of time and energy in training the dogs, so that they can find forever homes in no time.

Even though the training works, there are some instances, unfortunately, where dogs spend a very long time in the shelter, unable to catch anyone’s attention.

Some may think that this is because of bad luck while others believe that there is a good reason why they stay for so long, as they are waiting for the perfect hooman to come along and give them the best life ever.

Senior Pup In Shelter

As a woman by the name of McKinnley was casually scrolling through Facebook, she unexpectedly got redirected to a Minneapolis Humane Society’s website where an adorable senior pup named Irish caught her eye.

Unable to get Iris out of her mind, McKinnley decided to go to the Minneapolis shelter and pay her a visit.

“I just went to meet her. She was sick in the shelter but she just licked my face and I was like ‘What is going on? I am taking this dog home!’” McKinnley told GeoBeats.

Because this was her first ever dog, many of her close friends advised her against the adoption of Iris, but McKinnley had made up her mind!

And so, a beautiful friendship was born.

New Life

As soon as Iris, who was 11 years old, arrived at her new home, she felt as if she was a puppy all over again.

She loved walking around and playing with her toys, bringing them along wherever she went.

She even shared her meals with them.

Apart from brightening up her days, Iris also brought awareness to McKinnley about Bully breeds and all of the misconceptions about Pit Bulls.

“Iris sparked the flame for me about the bully breeds and I started to educate myself and I became really passionate about them and the misconceptions about their breed,” said McKinnley.

Spending time with Iris, McKinnley started to understand just how hard it was for these pups. This experience inspired her to continue advocating for and rescuing Bully breeds, providing them with the life they deserve.

Unfortunate News

After spending the most incredible time with her new family, Iris, unfortunately, had to cross over the rainbow bridge.  

McKinnley was left heartbroken, as her best friend was no longer by her side. However, she decided to honor her memory and adopt another rescue dog who needed her help.

“When I adopted Petunia, we were driving home for the first time and Petunia was sitting in the backseat of the car, panting, kind of nervous, not sure what was going on, and I was driving and I know it sounds crazy but Iris was in the passenger seat with me, its just, her soul was there. She sent me Petunia,” she added.

Petunia and Iris share a lot of the same characteristics. However, one of the most prominent ones is making sure that their mom always has a big smile on her face and a warm heart in her chest.

And, I think that they are doing an incredible job at that.

Final Word

It truly fills my heart with joy when I see a hooman giving a chance to a pup that really deserves it.

McKinnley, thank you for understanding that the rumors surrounding pitties are just rumors and that they are just as sweet as any other dog when given a chance.  

And, thank you for allowing Iris to spend her final years in the sweetest and most loving environment, ever. I am sure that she is looking down on you with immense pride, knowing that you made another dog as happy as you made her.

Thank you!