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Witness This Puppy’s Very Unusual Fear That Won’t Fail To Make You Laugh

Witness This Puppy’s Very Unusual Fear That Won’t Fail To Make You Laugh

If you own a dog, then you know that each day spent with them is usually filled with laughter and funny surprises. 

Our furry babies, much like our human ones, have their own unique personalities, likes, and dislikes. 

While even dogs can be afraid of many things, this dog mom never thought that her furry baby would be so terrified of the tiniest thing ever – a fly. 

Facing The Fears 

scared puppy
Source: @lottie89lou

In a viral video posted on April 2nd, a dog owner, Lottie-Lou, shared a hilarious clip of her black Cockapoo puppy trembling in her arms because he was terrified of a fly. 

The little fly flew somehow in the house and as soon as he saw it buzzing around, he started trembling out of fear. 

The owner holds the pup in her arms as she tries to reassure him that everything will be alright. 

Although it’s not easy to see your beloved pet so afraid of something, you must admit that being scared of a tiny fly is surely a bit funny. Even the owner couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. 


Our pup is terrified of flies, i got it out if the window 🤣🤣🤣 #fyp #viral #puppy

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If you’re wondering how a pup can be scared of a fly that is a hundred times smaller than him, Joe Nutkins, a Kennel Club-accredited dog trainer, might have an answer for you. 

She told Newsweek: “When dogs have a fearful reaction to flies, the first thing to look at are reactions happening with the family. Often, although not always, dogs observe their owners trying to eject a fly from the home, and it’s these actions that cause our dogs to be worried.”

However, according to Beverly Hills Veterinary Associates, some dogs are afraid of flies and other insects for the same reasons people are – they are annoying, unpredictable, and often bite. 

It can also happen that a dog does not even notice a fly around them, but when they see their owner frantically waving their hands or using a fly swatter, they become concerned and scared. 

A dog that has less confidence than other dogs might become very anxious just at the sound of a fly. 

How Do You Help Your Pooch? 

adorable terrified puppy
Source: @lottie89lou

A TikTok user commented on the video, asking how the little pup is coping in the summer. The owner answered: “He does struggle bless him but we do all we can to reduce his stress, as soon as we see one we get rid! He’s such a good boy.”

Nutkins suggested that owners try to be less reactive around insects. When they notice one, they can either get rid of it or move the pet to a different room.

Distracting the pet with something they enjoy, such as treats or playtime, can also be helpful. Your pet needs to learn that flies and other insects are more of an annoyance than anything else and that they can’t hurt him. 

“It may take a little while for a dog to completely feel calm enough to be in the same room a fly is in and to do something like play, so utilize space and distance,” Nutkins told Newsweek.

social media comments
Source: @lottie89lou

Many dog owners commented on the video, sharing that their dogs are also scared of flies. One user said: “My boy is the same! He got me up at 3am the other morning, cos there was one in my room 🙄😂”

It seems that this fear is more common than you might think. 

“My dog was scared of flies, we figured out it was because the dog sees you potentially killing a fly with something, or there’s a loud bang or noise when killing it,” another user commented, confirming what Nutkins had previously suggested. 

Nicer days are coming, so be prepared just in case your pooch might be afraid like this sweet Cockapoo.