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Witness This Owner’s Reaction To Seeing His Dog Sitting Like A Human

Witness This Owner’s Reaction To Seeing His Dog Sitting Like A Human

When Lawrence adopted Brady, he was promised a lovely but goofy Goldendoodle.

There was nothing wrong with that.

However, after a while, Lawrence and his family began noticing something odd about Brady, the alleged Goldendoodle.

The more they observed him, the more they were sure Brady wasn’t really a dog.

The cuddly Goldendoodle appeared to behave just like a human. 

Is the coverup blown? Is Brady really a dog or someone in disguise?

Dis Is Mah Coztume

dog sitting on stairs like a human
Source: TikTok

Oh, it was quite a long day. You know, one of those days that brings nothing new, and still you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck multiple times. All you can do is sit down and stare at the void, questioning everything. 

Brady was trying his best to push through such a day. 

He had a lot of things on his plate: a squirrel that got away, a half-empty box of treats, a tennis ball forgotten at the park, and it’s been five minutes since he’d been called a good boy.

Life was ruff.

All Brady could do was sit down, stare into the distance, and contemplate about his life.

Hold on, hold on!

To sit down? Do dogs sit down?

Umm, this one seems like it does…

As he was walking through the house, looking for Brady, Lawrence noticed his dog sitting on the stairs. Sure, nothing would be too odd if Brady wasn’t sitting down like a human being, hind legs hanging casually off the stairs, and his body leaned over his knees, looking like a man in a dog’s costume.

When Lawrence went around and came in front of Brady, he just gave him the look as if he was saying: What? What do you mean I’m sitting the wrong way? This is how I always sit.

Well, that’s definitely a command Lawrence did not teach Brady.


trying to find the zipper on my goldendoodle after this

♬ original sound – Lawrence

Where’s The Zipper?

a dog getting massage
Source: TikTok

After filming the video, Lawrence got the crazy idea his dog wasn’t actually his dog. Someone must’ve gotten into a costume and acted just like Brady. 

I mean, it’s almost impawssible for a dog to sit as peacefully as Brady did. It’s not a natural pawsition at all! 

Lawrence had to find a zipper on Brady. There has to be one, and there’s no other explanation for such behavior.

He even had to confront Brady, admitting to him that his secret was out and that he should stop pretending to be the sweetest Goldendoodle ever.

Did that work? Naah, not really.

Brady is still hiding, acting like a dog, and I might add, the best dog ever.

And, Lawrence is still looking for that zipper. It’s probably some high-tech thing, almost impawssible to spot. 

Until the day of discovery comes, Brady will stay undercover, enjoying all the treats, cuddles, and love he can get from his family. 

P.S. Next time, Brady, be more careful not to blow your cover, okay?