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Witness How These 2 Adorable Dog Siblings Celebrated Their First Birthday In The Shelter

Witness How These 2 Adorable Dog Siblings Celebrated Their First Birthday In The Shelter

It’s been a year since they both came into the world, unwanted and already rejected by everyone. 

It’s been more than 365 days of waiting for the home, the hooman, and the happiness they were promised at birth. 

Two littermates, a brother and a sister named Smiley and Sephora, are still waiting.

But, for how long?

How many more birthdays do they have to celebrate inside the shelter? I know shelter workers do their best to make them feel loved, but still… Nothing beats your own hoomom or hoodad. 

Smiley and Sephora are waiting patiently at All Humane Animal Rescue in Wanaque, New Jersey. 

Don’t make them wait too long. Give them a chance before it’s too late.

A Brother And A Sister And A Yin-Yang Situation

There were four of them, born into a horrifying home covered with a cloak of neglect. They were four months old when Lysa Lyn, from All Humane Animal Rescue Wanaque, New Jersey, found them. Soon enough, two siblings were adopted, but Smiley and Sephora stayed. 

No one wanted to adopt the Australian Cattle Dog brother and sister that were left behind, and time started to run through their paws as they began to feel at home at the shelter.

Lyn and the other workers at the shelter did their best to raise these feral dogs into loving pets. And yes, they did make the most of it. 

Sephora grew up into a sweet Cattle gal, a bit scared around males. She’s friendly but requires a bit of patience to work with. Her ideal home would be with another male dog, like her brother, Smiley.

On the other hand, Smiley’s the life of the party. He’s a goofish pup with an attitude you’re gonna love. He’s the ultimate family pup – a yang to Sephora’s Yin. 

While completely different in terms of looks and personality, Smiley and Sephora are the happiest when they’re together. These two siblings are the pawfect example of how opposites attract. 

It’s My Turn Now

dog walking outdoors
Source: Facebook

It was almost winter when good news arrived at the All Humane shelter: Smiley was getting adopted! 

The young Cattle pup was thrilled to hear the news. He couldn’t believe someone actually wanted him as a pet, a loving companion, and a loyal friend.

Still, Smiley’s happiness didn’t last for long. While he felt ecstatic about the adoption, Smiley realized the horrible truth: he was getting adopted alone, without his sister, Sephora.

There was nothing that could be done about it. Future hoomans just wanted Smiley and he had to follow his destiny and his dreams.

Sephora stayed behind once again. She was heartbroken, for God only knows which time in her short life.

Her first birthday was bittersweet. Her growing up had a sorrowful taste. The young girl was left without her brother – her favorite sidekick. 

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Source: Facebook

And, she’s still waiting for her hooman. 

Smiley was lucky enough to find his forever home after all. Now, it’s Sephora’s turn. Instead of being a long-term resident at the shelter, Sephora should be known as the sweet Cattle girl who wins hearts. 

A while ago, she had a potential adopter, but it all went down the drain, and no one knows why. 

Sephora deserves a chance. Every shelter dog does. 

Don’t make her spend another birthday without blowing out the candles, opening doggy presents, and munching on a special doggy cake.