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Witness This Amazing Dad Who Loves To Nap With Neighbor’s Dogs Whenever He Can

Witness This Amazing Dad Who Loves To Nap With Neighbor’s Dogs Whenever He Can

So many times, we hear stories about cruel people who abuse or neglect their canines for various reasons. Those are the facts that break the hearts of true dog lovers. 

Fortunately, there are always kind souls who restore hope in the true love between a man and his best furry friend. The main character of today’s story is the best proof of that. 

This great man has always been a magnet for dogs, but his relationship with them in his later years truly melts hearts. 

A Special Connection

Catey Hall already knows that her dad, Lon, loves canines. However, what truly brings tears of joy to her eyes is seeing him napping with them on the couch. According to her, he never sleeps alone, but with a few neighbor pups who visit him regularly. 

“Dad sees, plays with and naps with one or more of these dogs on a daily basis,” Hall told The Dodo. “They come running when they see his car and follow him inside.”

Rosie, Fluffer-Nutter, and Hooch are all the dogs from the neighborhood, and they are over the moon when they have the opportunity to be with him. It is truly a special connection between this human and the neighbor’s canines, and they are like one big family. 

“The neighborhood is an unincorporated section of semi-rural Alabama. The houses are set far back from the street, so the dogs can bounce from house to house safely,” Hall said. “The dogs can usually hear my dad’s truck coming, and they will meet him in the driveway.”

The very neighbors who own them do not protest because their dogs spend more time with Lon than with them. Even more, they themselves enjoy seeing them happy together.

It is the best proof of how much kindness this man actually has in his heart. 

A Magnet For Canines

What makes Hall’s dad truly special is the fact that the doors of his home are always open for all the dogs, no matter if someone owns them or not. In fact, strays have always had a special place in his heart. 

“For as long as I can remember, my dad has rescued stray dogs,” Hall said. “Growing up, we always had a dog. But there was always room for a stray in need.”

This man also shows love for canines through his activities in the Pound on the Hill, a local rescue in Bessemer, Alabama. Many dogs who didn’t have a home would immediately fall in love with him, and he wouldn’t have the heart to leave them. So, many have stayed with him forever. 

Finally, even his daughter’s two dogs have a hard time resisting Lon. “As a matter of fact, they try to leave with Dad when he’s here visiting,” Hall said with a big smile on her face.

Lon is truly one of a kind – a walking magnet for canines.