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13 Facts That Prove Dogs Are The Best Pets

13 Facts That Prove Dogs Are The Best Pets

Are you still having second thoughts about having a dog? Is it because you think they’re just too much to handle? Or, is it their strong vocal expression that you’re worried about?

As a long-time Labrador Retriever owner, I feel the need to share my personal view on why dogs are, indeed, the best pets that you can have. Here are thirteen pawesome facts about dogs that you might or might not have heard of.

#1 They’re Natural Therapists

boy hugging his dog on the beach
Photo from: Pinterest

You don’t need to own the best family dog in the world to experience how intuitive dogs are. My Lab Retriever, Max, was always there for me, through thick and thin. I can’t stress enough how empathic, intuitive, and understanding they are at times of deepest sorrow.

Instead of having their own way, they will come to you, sit, and try everything to cheer you up. If, however, you don’t feel like doing anything, they will be perfectly satisfied with spending some silent time with you. That’s how great they are!

#2 They Will Make Friends For You

happy couple with their dogs in the park
Photo from: Pinterest

Being an extrovert just comes naturally when you’re having a dog. Starting with lap dogs all the way to the most outgoing breeds – all canines have a certain dose of natural social skills.

That being said, having a dog might help you make new friends in dog parks or basically anywhere you show up. What can I say – people just have a soft spot for these fur balls.  

Your job, though, is to teach them a proper amount of basic manners in the first place. Otherwise, they can be a little too enthusiastic or too reckless.

#3 They Make You Healthier

owner and dog running in the park
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The research From Harvard Medical School [1]  shows that people who own dogs have 11% less chance of having a heart attack in comparison to people without dogs. 

I can totally rely on this, as I have been much more active since I’ve become a proud Lab owner. I walk at least one hour on a daily basis, and my daily schedule has totally changed.

Instead of getting up quite late, I now have a ritual of getting my first coffee every morning at 7 A.M. sharp. Turns out dogs really change you for the better!

#4 Fashionable Pooches Make Fashionable Owners

owner and his dog in matching outfits
Photo from: Pinterest

It’s not just Poodles and their fashionable colors, really. All dog breeds look impeccable and cute once you put some work into them. Grooming, styling, choosing the most suitable dog harness – all these things make you take care of yourself better, too.

It is the thrill of getting ready prior to walking or visiting a dog park that makes you want to look as sharp as possible. In the end, the question is – who’s the better looking guy, you or your pooch?

#5 The Bond Is Just Surreal

owner playing with his dog during sunset
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Let me reveal a secret to you – not only do smart dog breeds have the honor of developing a lifetime bond with their owner. Yes, they might be a little bit faster in the process, but the truth is all canines bond with their loved ones to the extent of surreal.

Unlike birds, fish, or even cats – dogs share their deepest emotions with their owner and never let go. I mean, yes, cats do that, too, but they are just way too shy in the process. Or, too reserved.

On the other hand, doggos don’t mind using their silliest body language, such as licking, barking, tail wagging, and even standing on you to express love and gratitude.

You may find it odd in the beginning, but once you understand their lingo – you won’t get enough of it!

#6 They Won’t Say No To Adventures

dog sitting in owner's lap in the car
Photo from: Pinterest

How many times have you wished to have a pet, but your schedule is just way too cluttered with social activities. I have some good news for you! 

Even the laziest dog breeds enjoy accompanying their owner on road trips, hikes, picnics, or even long-distance trips. That’s right! Doggos just love traveling and experiencing new things. 

Instead of overthinking the idea of having a dog due to the inability to stay in one place – get one and see why they are called the best travel companions!

#7 Need A Photogenic Model For Your Instagram? No Problem!

dog in a hoodie posing
Photo from: Pinterest

Are you an influencer in the making? Or, do you just love taking random pictures when traveling or chilling at home? 

Guess what – doggos are masters of taking good selfies! These pets are simply adorable in every way, which is why having a cute photo session with them will be memorable.

Generally, all family dogs have a tendency to please their owner, and if the camera pleases you, it will please them, too!

#8 Dogs Are The Most Tolerant Pets

can sleeping on a dog on the floor

While many other pets, such as cats, are not so tolerant about their personal space or their personal time – we just cannot say the same for dogs!

I can’t even count the number of times I bothered Max out of pure joy and cuteness. And, he didn’t mind. Quite the opposite – he loved it!

Having a tolerant pet is excellent if you have a big family or small kids around. This, way you will make sure nothing bad is going to happen. 

Take a look at this cute video of a Husky being climbed on by a cat. Isn’t that the ultimate indication of tolerance?

#9 You Won’t Find A More Empathic Nanny

little girl walking her dog on a leash
Photo from: Pinterest

Well, you may think that being a good nanny is a trait of specific dog breeds, like Goldies or Labs. Let me stop you right there! All canines, including guard dogs, make decent nannies once trained and properly socialized.

Have you heard of the giant called the Saint Berdoodle? Even this enormous hybrid makes the sweetest nanny!

This is a trait that comes naturally to all family dogs. They just instinctively feel obliged to take care of their loved ones. And, indeed, they will do it under all circumstances!

#10 Dogs Can Detect Cancer

woman kissing her dog sitting close to her on the couch

Kirsten Moysich, oncology professor, claims in her research [2] that dogs, indeed, can smell cancer in humans. That being said, I can say with certainty that canines are definitely one of the greatest pets in the world health-wise.

Not only do they make you more active, but they also help you detect early signs of cancer. They have a strongly developed sense of smell that helps them detect even the most delicate smells.

But, how do they smell cancer? 

Who would know… but them!

#11 How Cool Is It To Have A Swimming Buddy?

little puppy swimming in a pool
Photo from: Pinterest

Having a reliable swimmer next to you is always a good idea when swimming on the open sea or in a lake. But, boy, is that enjoyable, too!

As a proud Lab Retriever owner, I must say that Max is a true athlete in this regard. He just loves spending time swimming all day long. 

The general piece of advice is to get a Retriever if you would like to have a swimming companion for life. Both Labs and field Golden Retrievers are excellent in this regard!

#12 They Walk, Hike, And Run 

dog standing on a rock while resting from hiking
Photo from: Pinterest

You’re not a fan of swimming? Good, because there are at least a million other activities that you can do with your dog. 

Their eagerness to hike, run, walk, and accompany you in even the most demanding activities is another reason why they are fairly called the best pets in the world.

#13 Every Day Is Fun Day

little dog running in the park
Photo from: Pinterest

To put it simply – the reason why you should always think of getting a dog first is because these fur balls are never boring!

Even when you think you know everything about them, they will surprise you with some sassy moves.

Unlike classic doggo moves such as laying their head on you or licking your hand – they might get supermany just to impress you. And, just remember, hooman, they do that only because they love you! Not because they are naturally goofy… not a chance! 

The Takeaway

Are we done with listing all the evidence that says dogs are the best pets ever? Not even close, but unfortunately, I only have enough to wrap this story up and leave you rethinking your puppy intentions.

Are they demanding? Yes.

Do they shed? Big time!

And, can they be overwhelming at times? Probably!

But, these are just drops in the sea in comparison to what they have to offer. If I can leave you with one piece of advice, it would be – Think no more, and go get your doggo companion!

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