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This Is Why Your Dog Loves Sitting On You So Much

This Is Why Your Dog Loves Sitting On You So Much

All dog owners already know that canines can be clingy creatures. They love being next to us all the time!

In fact – many prefer being on us.

Having a lap dog sounds like a very cute thing until you have a 200 lbs Great Dane trying to sit on top of you while you’re eating or watching your favorite movie. Even worse if they’re trying to sit on your head or chest the moment you lie down!

Dogs love being close to us, no matter the occasion. We’ll go over this behavior and try to get to the bottom of it.

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering, Why does my dog sit on me? this is the right article for you.

Why Does My Dog Like To Sit On Me?

cute dog sitting in lap

No matter if it’s on my lap, my chest, or even my head, my dog will force me to share my space with him! This has often led me to wonder,

“Why does my dog sit on me?” – and you are likely asking yourself the same question.

Here are 6 possible reasons why our dogs love to sit on us:

Breed Behavior

Some dog breeds love to sit on you. This is usually the case with small dogs, as they were raised to sit on our laps all day long. Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, Bichons, or Maltese, are perfect examples of this.

Other breeds, such as Dachshunds or even large dogs such as Great Danes, are affectionate and loving, which also means they love to be as close to you as possible.

This is especially the case if you have other pets or small children inside your household. They might make your pup feel insecure, and they’ll want to sit on your lap as this gives them a sense of security.


Dogs love attention – and what is the best way to get it than to literally sit on their pack leaders’ heads?

Canines are social animals, and they’ll want you to love them all the time. They cannot speak to you about this, so they’ll express it the only way they can. This is also why they’ll commonly bring you their toys or even show you their tummies, expecting a belly rub.

For example, if your dog wants to sit on you after a long day at work, he misses you and wants you to spend more time with him.

This is perfectly normal behavior – as long as your pup isn’t being overly aggressive. However, if this is something he does all the time, you might need to pay a bit more attention to him. Some dog training might be required.

Scent Spreading

small pug puppy in lap

One of the ways dogs communicate is by scent. They’ll use the smell of their body to mark their territory. They’ll also mark their pet parent as a way to let other dogs know that you belong to them.

Considering that many dogs prefer marking their territory by urinating, having them sit on you is a harmless thing to do.

Feeling of Security

Dogs love being close to you, as this is how they feel safe and secure. Also, when they sit on you, they know every time you make a move. This way, they’ll be certain you cannot escape them unnoticed.

Dogs might want to do this for their sake, as well as for yours. So, the next time you wonder, Why does my dog sit on me? be aware that it might be for your own protection.


When a dog sits on you, this is the same as you wanting to snuggle with him while watching your favorite TV show. This is a way to express closeness and feel happy.

Physical contact is a great way to get that emotional boost, no matter if you’re a dog or a human. It can be a good thing to let your pooch sit on you from time to time. This can end up leaving both of you happier and feeling satisfied.


Finally, some dogs sit or  stand on you for all the wrong reasons. A display of dominance is one of them.

If your dog shows signs of aggressive behavior while sitting on you, this is a cause for concern. Some bad behaviors include growling at you or people walking by you.

If you notice your doggie behaving in such a way, put him down right away. While it’s perfectly fine for him to want to sit on you when there are other pets around, if he is barking or growling, he is sitting on you for all the wrong reasons.

You should never encourage such behaviors. Instead, stop them the moment you notice them. This is the best way to teach your dog out of such behavior.

Why Does My Dog Sit in Front of Me?

woman and her dog touching heads

Why does my dog sit on me? isn’t the only question dog parents ask themselves. Sometimes, we might wonder why our dogs sit in front of us.

You know what we’re talking about. Your dog, sitting in front of you in silence, just looking at you. Sometimes, they’ll even sit on your feet!

Here are several reasons why our dogs do this:

• They want us to pay attention to them.

• They are protective.

• They’re on the lookout.

• They are showing us their trust and respect by not looking at anything else.

• They are anxious and want us to help them.

• They are asking for affection.

• They are waiting for directions.

• They want to do something but don’t know how to tell us that.

• They are hungry.

• They want to be close to us.

• They can feel that we’re very emotional about something.

• They are trying to listen to us.

The best way for pet owners to understand which one of these is the right reason is to look at the environment and the dog’s body language.

For example, if he is licking his lips, chances are he is hungry. On the other hand, if he is glancing at the front door, he might be wanting to go for a walk.

Similarly, if they sit in front of us only when at the dog park, this likely means they are closely monitoring us, making sure that no other dog hurts us. And if the behavior repeats when you are sad, your dog understands that you’re hurting and simply wants to show his support.

Why Does My Dog Sit In Front of Me Facing Away?

If your dog is sitting in front of you but doesn’t look at you, then he is probably guarding you.

Some dogs are very alert, and they’ll want to keep you safe at all times. They’ll stand in such a way that allows them to notice everything that’s going on around you.

So, if you’re wondering, Why is my dog facing away from me? you shouldn’t worry about a thing. He is simply guarding you against a threat only he sees.

Be wary that this shouldn’t be followed by any aggressive behavior. If your dog is barking or growling, it might be a good idea to contact a dog trainer who will help you socialize your dog and teach him some good behavior.

Why Does My Dog Sit Next to Me?

mixed-breed dog sits next to owner

Dogs love following you everywhere. There are many reasons behind this, such as attention or even just because they know they’ll get a treat. Larger dogs will even love to sit on the sofa next to you if they know they’ll get positive reinforcement after that!

If you notice your dog suddenly sitting close to you all the time, chances are he is lonely or even anxious. Many adult dogs are prone to separation anxiety, a feeling of panic that occurs when separated from their owners.

Unfortunately, separation is one of the behavioral issues that you likely won’t be able to deal with on your own. It is no longer just a question of Why does my dog sit on me all the time? Instead, something much deeper might be at stake.

It is a good idea to contact a professional behaviorist if you suspect your dog has separation anxiety. Of course, it would be smart to take him to the vet just to rule out any medical concerns.

Why Does My Dog Sit Next to Me on the Toilet?

The likely reason behind this behavior is that he is on the lookout. Going potty is one of the moments dogs in the wilderness are most vulnerable. By sitting next to you, they are ensuring no one can ambush you.

Another reason might be because of the smells he is sensing at that moment. While this might be disgusting for us, dogs love to smell things.

You’ve probably noticed your pooch smelling other dogs’ poop while at the dog park!

This is the same type of behavior – only now, you’re the one on the toilet, and he wants to smell you so he can know you better.

This is likely the reason your dog sits in front of the bathroom door and whines while you’re inside.

Why Does My Dog Sit Between Me And My Partner?

dog sits between man and woman

No matter how much we love to share our sofas and beds with our furry friends, sometimes things can get out of hand and become awkward. This is especially the case if you want to have some alone time with your partner.

Some of the reasons your dog might be doing that are:

• They feel comfortable being around both of you.

• They missed you.

• They want to protect you from a person they don’t really know.

• They are jealous and want you to pay attention to them.

• They feel cold, and when they sit between you, they can feel both your body heat.

• Some dogs like to pile up, just like they would do when they are puppies in a litter.

• They are overly attached.

• They don’t want to be left out.

One of the ways to try to teach your dog out of this behavior is to buy him one of the top dog beds you can find. If he has a place he considers his own, he is less likely to want to usurp your couch.

Why Do Dogs Whine When They See You?

rottweiler resting

Photo from: @luliederaussie

Next to Why does my dog sit on me? another common question dog owners have is why their dog whines when he sees them, especially if they’ve been gone for just a few minutes.

Dog whining might not seem normal to humans. It sounds like cries, and we often think our dog is in pain. This overwhelming reaction often doesn’t seem appropriate.

The truth is, dogs are very different from us. They don’t know how to tell us their emotions. Instead, they’ll have much more exaggerated body language than us. They’ll jump around and cry from joy at the slightest of excitement.

For your dog, you are likely the most important person in his world. He will be thrilled to see you, even if you were gone just to take a shower. They’ll express this the only way they can – by jumping and crying for joy.

Of course, you still need to be on the lookout for any unusual sounds or behaviors. If your dog is suddenly whining, but he never did this before, maybe he is in some form of pain. Consider taking him to the vet if this behavior continues.

Is There A Solution?

frenchie in woman's lap

Proper dog training can solve most unwanted dog behaviors. This includes having a large dog sitting on your lap all the time.

However, the real question is: Should you stop this kind of behavior?

Essentially, there is nothing wrong with a dog wanting to sit on your lap. He is doing this out of the desire to be closer to you and spend some more time with you. For some dogs, sitting on your lap or sleeping on you can be therapeutic.

Having a dog sit on your lap can make both of you feel good. Of course, if your dog is too large for you, or if he also tries to jump in the laps of your guests, this might be an issue, and you might want to contact a dog trainer who will teach you how to stop this behavior.

So, instead of wondering, Why does my dog sit on me? relax and enjoy the moment. Who knows – maybe you and your pooch will only deepen the bond you already have.

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