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Help, Why Does My Dog Keep Sniffing My Private Area?

Help, Why Does My Dog Keep Sniffing My Private Area?

You are even embarrassed to ask this question, and you have a hard time finding a decent explanation for this dog’s behavior. Why does my dog keep sniffing my private area?, you ask.

First and the most important thing – you don’t have to feel uncomfortable, since this is not something only your dog does. So, don’t give up on your furry friend just yet.

Many dogs will sniff their owners’ private area, and, believe it or not, there are logical reasons for this kind of behavior. 

No matter how weird our dogs can act, I will always do my best to try to figure out the exact explanations for all of their behaviors.

So, let’s start with analyzing this weird urge in our furry friends. 

Why Does My Dog Keep Sniffing My Private Area?

Your dog started sniffing your private area, and you immediately wondered why he is acting so weird all of a sudden?

Actually, a dog sniffing your crotch is not a dog’s weird behavior. I mean, when you think about it, is there anything that your dog wouldn’t smell? 

But, I understand your surprise and your wish for your dog to stop doing this. Before you think of the best way to stop your dog from doing this, you should first understand why dogs sniff their owners’ crotches. 

1. Just Saying Hi To You

a woman is sitting on a chair, a dog is sniffing her

Believe it or not, your dog sniffing your private area might be just his way to say hello to you.

So weird, right?

Well, no matter how much we love our furry companions, we need to be aware that they don’t behave as we do.

You can raise your dog to be perfectly well-behaved, and he might even be brilliant in obedience training. However, there are some dog behaviors that we will never be able to completely eradicate.

So, just like you shake hands with people you meet, your dog might just smell your private area every time you come home.

And, one bad news – he might do this with all of your guests!

2. Natural Instincts

Going for a walk with your dog is probably quite entertaining. Our dogs are little investigators who like to sniff and lick everything they encounter. For example, many dogs will lick other dog’s pee.

Furthermore, when your dog meets another dog, I bet he sniffs the other dog’s private area right away.

This is a dog’s natural instinct, and their way of getting to know the dog they just met. 

Okay, our dogs love to sniff other dogs’ private areas, but, what does this have to do with us? Well, just like they want to find out more information about the other dog by sniffing their private area, this could also be the case with us.

Dogs use their sense of smell to acquire all sorts of information from their surroundings. Therefore, your dog sniffing your private area probably wants to find some additional information about you.

3. Pheromones

Dogs especially love to sniff crotches of people who are producing more pheromones. This usually refers to people who have recently had sexual intercourse.

Also, dogs will sniff private areas of women who have recently given birth, and of women who are menstruating. Yes, dogs love period blood – they are simply curious creatures, and they are attracted by the blood smell.

All of this might sound a bit gross, but it is what it is. Living with a dog can be full of surprises, and one thing is sure – it is never boring when you have a furry friend under your roof!

Should You Stop Your Dog From Sniffing Your Private Area?

the dog sniffs the crotch

Since this is a dog’s normal behavior, then you shouldn’t do anything to stop your dog from sniffing your private area?

Well, not exactly. Dogs are capable of learning many things, but they will not do this on their own. They need guidance in everything they do.

If you don’t want a spoiled dog who ignores your instructions, you need to show your dog dominance from the beginning of your life together.

Having a dog that sniffed your private area for a couple of times doesn’t seem too serious, but, if you don’t do anything to stop your dog from doing this, it might grow up to become a compulsive behavior in your dog.

Right now, your dog might be sniffing your crotch, but, soon in the future, he might be doing this with all your guests.

I wouldn’t take any risk, so, I advise you to do the same – put some boundaries for your dog, and show him that sniffing your private area is not allowed.

How To Stop Your Dog From Sniffing Your Private Area?

a dog on a leash sniffs in the garden

It is very important that your dog has plenty of opportunities to sniff around. So, let him satisfy his urges in your yard, or when you are walking around the neighborhood. Of course, you should be careful so that your dog does not sniff something toxic.

You can also try to redirect your dog’s attention. The next time he starts to sniff your private area, give him his favorite toy immediately, or start playing fetch.

You can try any kind of activity your dog likes. Just choose the one that will instantly take his mind off your crotch!

Of course, dog training is also essential here. If your dog has mastered obedience training, you should say No! Stop that!, when he starts to sniff your private area.

You should say those words in a calm, firm tone, without yelling, because you don’t want to scare your dog.

Even when we are trying to correct unwanted behaviors in our dogs, we should not yell or punish them. By doing this, we can even make the problem worse, and get an anxious dog.

I know you would like your dog to stop with this weird sniffing behavior right away, but, you will probably need to be patient and persistent.


I give my full understanding and support to all you dog lovers who are asking: why does my dog keep sniffing my private area?

This can get so uncomfortable, especially when your dog does this to you in front of other people. Moreover, it gets extra embarrassing when he starts to behave the same way with your guests!

Other than being so weird and uncomfortable, this dog’s behavior is actually completely normal. Dogs are curious, like to investigate everything around them, and will sniff things we could never imagine they will.

Despite this behavior is normal for dogs, and is one of our dogs’ natural instincts, of course all of us would still want to stop our dogs from doing this.

I hope this article will be helpful for you to stop this unwanted behavior in your dog. Wish you the best of luck with your little sniffer!