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Why Do Huskies Make Weird Noises?

Why Do Huskies Make Weird Noises?

Have you ever wondered why do Huskies make weird noises? Seriously, what’s up with all that howling? Are they wolves or are they Huskies?

One of the quirkiest dog breeds, the Siberian Husky, is surely special in many ways – one of them being their vocalization.

A Husky’s vocal skills are truly impressive. Rarely does any other breed have such a specific way of communication like Huskies do. 

I really want to hear what they have to say. Do you?

Give me a good aa-uuu if you do!

Why Do Huskies Make Weird Noises?

husky lying on the grass and howling

What do you mean by weird noises? Huskies aren’t weird. They’re just a little bit… goofy.

Okay, maybe not just a little bit goofy, but all those noises Huskies make… they’re completely normal. There’s nothing weird about howling, grunting, or barking. 

Here’s what all that noise really means.

A Way Of Communication

When your Husky is making weird noises, that mostly means he’s trying to tell you something. Communication is important for these dogs because Huskies are social creatures. They enjoy human companionship, and thrive when they are around their people. 

Huskies will mostly try to tell you something by howling. You’ll hardly hear a Husky bark at you. Instead, they’ll really speak to you to get what they want. If you don’t get what he’s saying in the first place, your Husky will definitely repeat it because he wants to make sure you understand him.

Expressing Their Emotions

How else could Huskies say they don’t like something you’re doing? How else could your Husky tell you he loves you so much?

Vocalization is a way of expressing emotions. Sometimes, they’re positive, sometimes they’re not. Since Huskies aren’t aggressive by nature, they usually won’t have too many negative emotions.

In most of the situations, your Husky will either say he loves you, or he’s happy or excited about something.

A Response To Outside Factors

When a dog hears some noise, he’ll immediately go to investigate it. A watchdog will be keen on keeping his family safe, so no weird sound will go by unnoticed. In such situations, Huskies will bark like crazy, which is something they usually never do.

But, don’t think that Huskies react only if something bad triggers them. Good things can stimulate their reactions, too! When a dog hears some good music and sees you enjoying it, he’ll most likely join in and howl – imagine this as if he’s singing, too.

Sometimes, dogs will hear things we don’t. Those high-pitched sounds make dogs with sharp ears like Huskies react in either barking or howling. They’re either unpleasant or your dog just wants them to stop.

It’s Written In Their DNA

two husky dogs howling in the snow

Huskies are one of the oldest dog breeds. They have DNA tightly linked to wolves. A recent study has confirmed that here. That’s why they’re one of the few wolf-like breeds, and that’s why their hunting instincts are strong. 

And, that’s why they produce weird noises like howling.

Wolves howl in the wild. That’s how they communicate with distant pack members. There’s nothing different about Huskies either. They howl as a way of talking to their canine buddies and humans.

You’re Stimulating It

The best dog trainers say if you want a dog to stop repeating a certain behavior, then you should stop reacting to it or reinforcing it. It’s one thing to enjoy your Husky talking to you and howling when it’s daytime. 

But, it can get pretty annoying if it continues at night. You might want to stop rewarding your Husky pup with praises, laughs, or treats every time he howls at you. He thinks that’s a normal thing to do, and that you’re happy about it.

Stop stimulating any unwanted behavior, no matter if it’s weird noises or weird behavior.

Separation Anxiety

Ugh… seems like separation anxiety shows up everywhere. It’s a nasty condition…. that, I can tell you. 

Having a Husky suffering from separation anxiety is no joke. This condition can severely affect a dog’s mental condition. 

As you probably already know, separation anxiety is a condition that happens when a dog can’t handle being left alone. 

As soon as you leave your home, your dog will start missing you. That’s okay. What is not okay is to bark, jump on furniture, howl, destroy items around the house, chew your belongings, poop or pee inside, etc. 

Separation anxiety hits every dog differently. Your Husky might just be making weird sounds, but it still doesn’t mean it’s harmless. 

They’re Bored

Aaand, there’s boredom.

Huskies will bark at you if they feel bored. These are active dogs, and they need daily stimulation. Don’t forget to exercise their mind and body. Skip one day and your Husky will end up being bored.

Boredom makes Huskies do a lot of things. First, they’ll start making all kinds of noises like howling or barking. But, when they see you’re not doing anything about their boredom, they will start to grunt and groan. Yes, they will act all dramatic, too!

Still, that’s not the biggest issue that comes with boredom. Once this stage continues, your dog will become destructive to things around him. Eventually, boredom turns into aggressive behavior, and that’s the last stage you need.

Weird Sounds Huskies Make

two huskies lying on the beach and howling

Technically, these aren’t weird sounds. It’s just a way your Husky communicates and expresses emotions. What’s so special about Huskies is that they make sounds that some other breeds normally don’t.

Let’s see what these pups have to say and how they’ll say it.


Hearing a Husky howl is nothing unusual. That’s one of the most common ways of communication for these pups, especially with their pack members.

Husky howling has roots that go way back to old times when Huskies were used as sled dogs. This is how they used to talk to other sled dogs far away from them.

Howling is more common for Huskies than barking. This weird sound Huskies make isn’t weird at all. It’s used to express all kinds of emotions… positive and negative ones, too. 


As I said, barking isn’t that common for Huskies. They are a vocal breed, but definitely not like other dogs. While some breeds like Goldendoodles prefer barking, Huskies prefer howling.

But, this doesn’t mean that Huskies can’t bark. Sure, they can! Their bark is loud, melodic, and definitely confident. 

Watch a Husky bark here!

Huskies usually bark to get your attention. They either want food or something else from you like a hug or a praise. These dogs don’t normally bark because they want to tell you something. They use other weird sounds like talking… Yes, talking! I’m not crazy, and you’ll see that soon.


Groaning isn’t a common sound Huskies make. And, it’s not a positive one either. Huskies groan when they’re displeased about something.

Usually, a Husky will produce a groaning sound if he’s frustrated or angry about something you did. Maybe you didn’t want to play ball with him at that moment. Maybe he’s fighting with the cat who stole his treat. A lot of things can make your Husky angry, although they’re quite friendly and sweet.

So, next time you see your Husky pouting in the corner, producing groaning sounds, you better know you did something wrong.


We come to the fun part! Talking. 

See, I told you I’m not crazy. Huskies can really talk. Of course, it’s in their own way. No one said that a Husky would come up to his owner and recite Shakespeare. 

But, they do mimic our words, and make them seem like they can really talk. 

Coming up… more on talking Huskies! 

husky howling in room with friends

Of course, you’ve seen tons of videos of talking Huskies. They were all the rage a few years ago, and everyone seemed to own a Husky that could talk.

Whether they were just saying no or proclaiming their love to their owner, talking Huskies sure had a lot to say. What’s so curious is that it seemed as if they really understood their owner. 

It looked like they knew what was going on.

Sadly, the world’s most famous talking Husky, Mishka, passed away back in 2017. Her videos were trending daily, always making sure they gave us a good laugh. This dog could really talk! 

Well, she could mimic her owner’s words… that’s for sure. 

The thing with talking Huskies is that if they hear some words or phrases being repeated a lot, they will catch on and mimic those words. 

Watch a compilation of Mishka’s finest moments to brighten up your day! 

Are Husky Puppies Vocal, Too?

Oh, yes… Husky puppies are vocal, too! 

As a matter of fact, this breed is one of the most vocal ones, so it’s natural that they’re loud from their early days.

Husky puppies start making sounds as early as the age of three weeks. Sure, those first signs are just whining, crying, and first attempts of barking. It’s a cry for their mommy’s milk and comfort.

When a Husky puppy turns 6 months of age, he will start talking like a big dog!

To Sum Up…

From saying I love you to yelling no to your face – Huskies make a lot of noise. But, why do Huskies make weird noises? Because they want to communicate with their owner.

Being a Husky owner is a handful, but it also has so many wonderful sides. 

I’d say that being able to talk to your dog is the biggest advantage ever. 

And, that’s just one of the many reasons why Huskies are so pawesome!