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7 Reasons Why Goldendoodles Sleep On Their Back

7 Reasons Why Goldendoodles Sleep On Their Back

When you first see your Goldendoodle sleeping on its back, you are probably thinking how cute it looks!

But, then the question comes: is my Goldendoodle alright?

First off, it is normal to ask a question like that. As a dog owner myself, I can confirm it is only normal to worry for our furry friends for any little thing we notice. After all, we love them!
And, second of all, don’t worry – Goldendoodles sleep on their back because they love it! In most cases…

Yes, it seems there is a ‘but’ in every answer. But, it is only to fully inform you! The few worrisome answers and situations we will mention are rare.

We will talk about them, but once again – sleeping on their back is, in most cases, simply amazing for our Doodles.

Why Do Goldendoodles Sleep On Their Back?

They are cute, fluffy, they are bright and energetic, and it seems they love to put themselves in odd situations and positions. Yes, it’s the Goldendoodle.

You can have a standard Goldendoodle, a medium, or even a petite Goldendoodle – they can all do the same thing.

And, that thing is sleeping on their back with all four legs up in the air. This sleeping position is also called “Crazy legs”. 

The name comes from the fact that the legs go in all directions, and they are especially fun to watch when the REM sleeping phase enters our Doodle doggy brain.

That’s when the moving and twitching happen. Some even run in their dreams.

Remember Bizkit, the Sleep Walking (running) dog?

So, why do they do it?

1. It Feels Good

Goldendoodle sleeping on his back on the couch
Photo from: @indygo2021

Simply put… your Goldendoodle sleeps on its back because it just feels good to do it. They had an active day with lots of running, jumping, or sniffing, and now they need their well-deserved rest.

That’s when they just lay down on their back with their feet up in the air. Who hasn’t tried that? It feels good to be in this position when you are tired.

So, if your Goldendoodle puppy and you had an active day, and you notice the pup sleeps on its back afterward – everything is OK. Just join the puppy, it feels good!

2. They Feel Safe

You should be very proud of yourself and the environment you put your Goldendoodle in because if your Goldendoodle sleeps on its back, it means it feels safe!

Just think about it.

Dogs were wild a long time ago before we domesticated them. They had to live in a harsh environment where a lot of things wanted to eat them. Sleeping on their back in such situations was not very wise.

And, they didn’t do it unless they felt absolutely safe.

Now, fast-forward to this day to your beautiful… let’s say, red Goldendoodle. He is in your house with nothing to worry about. 

And, it should be like that. So, when there’s nothing to worry about, they sleep on their back.

3. They Feel Happy

Goldendoodle sleeps on his back in his bed
Photo from: @mollyandmilo_doodles

If you want to check how your dogs feel, look at their tail position. Is it hanging low, is it rigid, wagging, etc?

Tail position, ear position, and their entire body language are how dogs communicate and show their emotions.

They can’t just say how they feel. They show us.

So, if you are wondering why Goldendoodles sleep on their back, the answer is probably a good one – they feel happy!

Once again, this is a perfectly normal sleeping position for a dog, and there is nothing to worry about.

4. Better Sleep

It is more than just feeling relaxed… this position gives the best muscle relaxation and the best stretch in the world. 

Maybe they didn’t sleep like this while they were puppies, but they started doing it when they got older. The reason behind this could be that they didn’t know how relaxed they could get while in this sleeping position.

And, once you try sleeping on your back, you can never go back.

Of course, I am joking, and there is nothing wrong with your Goldendoodle if it stops sleeping on its back all of a sudden.

Why is this position so relaxing? Because this makes the dog the least alert, allowing it to fully relax its entire body.

As mentioned, they know they are safe so they can allow themselves this kind of sleeping position in order to wake up fully rested and ready for new games.

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5. Discomfort

black brown goldendoodle sleeps on his back
Photo from: @syrahladoodle

This sounds alarming, but it’s not that they feel immense pain so they need to sleep on their back. A dog that feels pain will choose a position in which it feels safe and comfortable, such as sleeping under the bed or sleeping close to you.

This is a discomfort that makes them choose the best possible sleeping position in which they will get the most restful sleep.

If this is the case, you will probably notice other signs as well.

Observe your Goldendoodle. Does it limp, avoid a certain type of activity, or avoid food? Maybe it’s nothing, but it could be something that needs your attention.

So, if you are not sure if your dog seems different than usual, the best option is to take him to the veterinarian just to be sure.

6. Sleeping Disorder

If your dog has some form of sleeping disorder, he might often take this sleeping position because it is the most comfortable one.

But, in most cases, dogs with sleeping problems will frequently change sleeping positions during the night because they cannot fall asleep.

Or, they cannot sleep deep enough to actually get some rest. They are restless, and they wake up easily.

You will notice other signs that are much bigger red flags than a doggy sleeping on its back. If you see your dog crying at night, it seems anxious, or whines and cries a lot – something is wrong. 

Take your dog to the vet. It might not be a sleeping disorder at all. Maybe it is some other underlying medical issue causing all of these problems.

7. They Want To Cool Down

red goldendoodle sleeps on his back on the floor
Photo from: @_that_dood_apollo

And, the last possible reason why your Goldendoodle sleeps on its back is that it is too hot and it needs to cool down a bit.

The first generation of Goldendoodles is called the f1 generation, and they are 50% Golden Retrievers and 50% Poodles. That means they get to inherit the double coat type from both parents.

A double coat means perfect protection against cold weather and water, but it also means the dog can get hot quite easily. And, what can they do when it is too hot?

Dogs can pant, breathe faster than usual, lay in a cool place, and lay on their back. 

If you think this might be the issue, check the temperature and try to cool down the room where your doggy is.

Just don’t turn the room into a freezer – we’re looking for balance, not too hot or too cold.

To Sum Up

What do you do if your Goldendoodle sleeps on its back? Nothing. In 99% of cases, everything is alright, and it is just the best sleeping position for your dog.

Even if your dog suddenly starts sleeping like this, it is OK.

If your dog suddenly stops sleeping like this, that is OK, too.

When is it not OK? When you notice other symptoms. Those symptoms are restlessness, fast breathing, whining, and general discomfort.

When you see some of these symptoms – you’re right… take your Goldendoodle to the vet.

If there are no other symptoms – relax and enjoy the view of the “crazy legs” sleeping position.