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Adorable White Pup Spends Days Tied To A Pole, Until Someone Finally Notices Him

Adorable White Pup Spends Days Tied To A Pole, Until Someone Finally Notices Him

Seeing a stray dog ​​struggling alone on the street is unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence these days. However, it is even more heartbreaking to come across a beautiful white puppy that, in addition to being a stray, is also tied to a pole by the road. 

This was exactly the fate of one young white Husky who was found on the streets of Santa Monica, California. In addition to being tied up all the time, he was also suffering from the cruel acts of homeless people who harassed him every day. 

Nevertheless, this brave six-month-old puppy didn’t remove the smile from his face and he did not lose hope that one day, some good soul would come and save him. 

Rescued From The Streets

A happy morning finally dawned on this white Husky named Buckley one day. Right where Buckley was experiencing his most difficult moments, a local rescuer was passing by.

When she saw him, she couldn’t believe that such a beautiful being was suffering on the street tied to a fence for so long. 

She didn’t wait a moment, but immediately went into action, and soon, this pup was in the safe hands of the experienced rescuers from Love Leo Rescue. After they met him, people from the rescue were amazed by the resilience and joyful spirits this dog radiated, despite everything. 

“Buckley is an exceptional dog,” Love Leo Rescue director Sasha Abelson told The Dodo. “He is well balanced and loving and didn’t let his previous experiences change his lovely personality.”

They made sure to shower him with lots of love so that all his wounds would heal as soon as possible. He reciprocated with his incredible positive energy that brought smiles to the faces of all employees and volunteers of the center. 

Unfortunately for them, Buckley didn’t stay long at the rescue center because they quickly managed to find him a foster home

His new chapter could finally begin. 

On The Road To A New Life

Happy woman and happy dog
Source: @angelaferdig

When a woman named Angela heard about Buckley’s sad story from the streets of Santa Monica, California, her heart was broken, and she decided to become his foster mom.

The two bonded immediately, and Buckley adapted very quickly to a new life with his foster family. When he managed to keep a smile on his face in such difficult moments, this new reality was a real little paradise for him. 

“Buckley is a typical, happy-go-lucky husky,” Abelson said. “He loves playing with his dog friends and learning new skills. He loves going for hikes and also cuddling near his humans. He is just a perfect family dog.”

In addition, Buckley did one wonderful thing for his foster mom as well. He became the real medicine for her wounded soul. 

“Buckley is such a great dog! He is our foster who has helped me in my recovery with PTSD. He needs to be active and needs routine…which turns out is part of what I need too,” Angela wrote in an Instagram post.

Sunset and dog on a leash
Source: @angelaferdig

Nevertheless, this beautiful canine soul is still waiting for his forever home, where he will finally experience his greatest happiness. 

“Buckley would love to go into a home that is active and preferably a home with another playful, balanced dog,” Abelson said. “We think a dog brother or sister would be wonderful for him.”

Given the true inner and outer beauty that this dog radiates, he shouldn’t have to wait much longer for his happy ending.