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When This Bull Terrier Gets On Her Skateboard, Only The Sky Is Her Limit

When This Bull Terrier Gets On Her Skateboard, Only The Sky Is Her Limit

Many people think that dogs only know how to be loyal and give unlimited love to their owners. However, most of these amazing creatures hide some incredible talents that are just waiting to be discovered and come to the surface in their full glory.

Stacy has never hidden her love for dogs, and her favorite breed has always been the Bull Terrier. That’s why she firmly decided to adopt one, which she ultimately did. A beautiful Bull Terrier named Berlin came into her life and it was love at first sight.

This dog was full of positive energy from the very first day, but her adventurous spirit hid a special talent that even Stacy herself did not expect.

The Skateboard Queen

Berlin fully enjoyed the benefits of a warm home but she never liked being indoors for long. She had so much energy that she could walk and run all day. 

Stacy herself did not know where to direct so much energy, but then, one day, the solution came to her by itself. When they returned from a long walk, Stacy noticed that Berlin was staring at her skateboard that was lying in the backyard. 

Although she still couldn’t guess what would follow, she decided to show her the charms of this sports device. 

“The minute I showed her the skateboard, she was so intrigued by it,” Stacy told Cuddle Buddies. “So I said, “You know what? Im gonna start training her and just see what happens if she enjoyed it”.” 

From that moment on, nothing was the same. Berlin and the skateboard clicked immediately, and it was clear to Stacy that this dog was born to roll. She had no fear, no bounce, and she was ready to jump on it every time, even though she didn’t know what it did. 

“Very slowly, she started to realize that she actually had a back paw and could push her skateboard,” Stacy said. “And when she got that gist, that was it.”

@berlin_thebullterrier Happy Sunday my friends ❤️ Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Berlin getting some skateboard time before the rain comes our way. #bullterrier #dogsoftiktok #dogmom #skate #skatevideo #sundayvibes #morningmotivation ♬ Around the World – Axha

With her adventurous spirit and courage, as well as a lot of training she went through with Stacy, only the sky was the limit for this dog and her rolling device.

In such a short time, Berlin became a true skateboard queen.

In Love With Her Energy

Whether it was summer or winter, Berlin was always full of energy and ready for new rolling. Unfortunately, when wintertime came, riding a skateboard was no longer an option.

However, Berlin did not allow herself to be settled, so she and her Mom soon found a solution. This time, Stacy introduced her to snowboarding, which would satisfy her adventurous needs until the sunny days came again. 

@berlin_thebullterrier Another fun day snowboarding with Berlin ❄️🩵 #snow #snowday #snowboarding #dogsoftiktok #dogmom #funday #dogvideos ♬ Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

Berlin showed that she was capable of “driving” anything she could put her paws on, and her Mom was more than proud. But, what made Stacy even more happy was the strong bond they were able to form through their everyday adventures. 

Stacy simply fell in love with that positive energy this dog radiated, and the skateboard was just a symbol that connected their hearts

“Berlin, she’s just so outgoing, just ready for new adventures, and it just brings me so much joy to watch her,” Stacy happily concluded at the end. 

Hopefully, these two will roll many more miles together.