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When The Couple Moved Into Their New House, They Were Greeted By A Furry Surprise

When The Couple Moved Into Their New House, They Were Greeted By A Furry Surprise

There are some events in life that definitely stand out from others in terms of their significance. In addition to graduating college, getting married, or having a child, moving to a new house or apartment can definitely be added to the list. 

Although the event itself is special enough, sometimes some kind of surprise makes it even more amazing. That’s exactly what happened to Matt Garcia and his wife when they moved into their new house in Tennessee.

Although they were already very impressed by their new home, the furry surprise they found there raised that experience to another level.

Unexpected Guest

When Matt Garcia and his wife came to see their new home in Tennessee, they expected that only the beauty of the house might surprise them. However, they were stunned by something, or better said, someone completely different. 

“I found something today, in our planter that kind of came as a little surprise,” this photographer from Lewisburg, Tennessee said on TikTok, referring to a ginger pup whom he found near the entrance of the house. 

This Basset Hound was sleeping soundly right next to the front door, next to the front lawn, as that was his own house. Although Matt and his wife, who are, by the way, huge dog lovers, were delighted by this sight, they were also a bit confused. 

“We found this little buddy in our planter, just kind of sleeping. He’s fine, but we don’t know what to do with him. We fed him, we gave him water. there’s no tag on that collar though… unfortunately.” Matt said.

“What should i do with this sweet ol dog????” he asked in the caption of the video he posted via his TikTok account @mattdotgarcia

@mattdotgarcia what should i do with this sweet ol dog???? #dog #lostdog #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound – mattdotgarcia

There were many suggestions from his TikTok followers and all the other people who viewed the video. 

“Get him scanned at a local vet for a microchip 🤷🏼‍♀️” one user wrote. 

“Put a bed on that porch for that baby,” another added. 


However, this last comment soon received a reply from Matt himself: “Update posted!”

“A Pretty Good Routine”

Just a few days after Matt posted his first video about this Basset Hound, a “part two” followed. There, he revealed some interesting information to his curious followers. 

Matt said that this dog wasn’t stray or lost but that he lived on the other side of the train tracks, a couple of miles away from their new house. He also found out that his name is Copper.

@mattdotgarcia Replying to @PamCAKES • PAMda • sPamela Copper is welcome back anytime! (if the owners see this!) #dog #lostdog #straydogs #bassethound #fypシ゚viral #foryou ##dogtok ♬ original sound – mattdotgarcia

Viewers were satisfied with the news that this dog had a home of his own. However, some of them were also concerned about the fact that his owners let him roam just like that, especially considering that there was a dangerous train track he needed to pass. 

One viewer even had a brilliant suggestion: “If you don’t already, put a ring camera. That way you will know when he stops by and can give him treats.”

Matt himself confirmed that during those days, Copper did not come and that he already started to miss this roaming good boy. However, he didn’t have to wait an eternity for that to happen, as Copper made a visit just a few days later

In that last TikTok video he posted on his account, we can see that this man is over the moon to see his furry friend again, and the viewers were delighted, too. 

One of them wrote: “He needs a forever home and regular food and love. he needs YOU!”

Still, Matt had a ready answer: “So far, he seems to have himself a pretty good routine from what we can tell… he comes by and gets pets and loves + water & a little food- then he usually falls RIGHT to sleep.”

That’s actually all a dog needs in life. 😀