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What This Two-Month-Old Puppy Found On A Very First Walk Shocked His Owner

What This Two-Month-Old Puppy Found On A Very First Walk Shocked His Owner

As we take our dogs for a casual walk, they eagerly follow their explorer spirit and end up digging holes in the middle of a park. Or, they embark upon a chasing adventure in the blink of an eye. We all have been there, right?

But, what if your dog had found something really extraordinary? Something valuable? 

For Tobi’s dog owner, that exact scenario unfolded!

On his very first walk, ever, Tobi found something that made his owner stop in her tracks – immediately!

Well, That’s Quite A Discovery

two month old puppy
Source: @ttikkunna

At two months of age, Tobi got the chance to explore a whole new world together with his new mom. That’s right, it was his very first walkie time! As excited as he was, he put on his adventurous spirit and followed his hooman on the city tour!

However, neither of them expected that day to have their casual walk turn into a huge adventure! Yet that’s exactly what happened!

At one point, Tobi stopped on a sidewalk and started to sniff something under the fallen leaves.

What was that? He was so curious that he wouldn’t leave that spot!

Then, his momma realized! It was a $20 bill!

dog and money
Source: @ttikkunna

How in the world did Tobi notice money on the sidewalk? Was it the smell or its color? Was he secretly training to be a Currency Detection dog without his momma knowing?

Okay, enough is enough. 

Although, given his Doodle breed, it wouldn’t be a surprise that Toby had figured things out and learned that “money on the sidewalk” meant something valuable, but in this case, he was just lucky. And that was it!

I mean, he was just a two-month-old boi!

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After his momma posted the video of Tobi finding the $20 bill, never could she have imagined that it would make headlines in all corners of the world!

Millions of people witnessed this dog’s little accomplishment, and the comments, as you can guess, were hilarious!

“He said here’s my rent for the month momma,” one TikTok user wrote.

“He’s a provider,” another one added.

“He said in this economy you will need all the help you can get,” another user wrote.

Tobi Is A Good Boi

adorable two month old dog
Source: @ttikkunna

Today, Tobi is a big boi, and when he’s not out “making the money,” he’s just enjoying his perfect little life.

Of course, just like any other dog, he has his own little quirks! 

For instance, when he wants to be petted and doesn’t get it, he just gets upset and makes the funniest growling noises. 

woman holding two month old puppy
Source: @ttikkunna

Or, if he wants to join you for a feast, he’ll just casually creep into your arms and wait for a bite. But, then again, he has such a captivating look that it is almost impossible to say “No” to him!

Tobi really is one of a kind! 

His “$20 bill story” will remain popular among dog lovers all over the world, but the most important thing is that he really enjoys his life the way it is, next to his momma. After all, there are some things that money can’t buy!