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29 Wet Dogs That Turn Into Gremlins After Taking A Bath

29 Wet Dogs That Turn Into Gremlins After Taking A Bath

The truth is ugly: dogs have to take a bath from time to time.

But, another truth is even uglier: doggy bath time often turns out to be a horrible experience. 

Sure, there’s nothing worse than the smell of a wet dog, but picture this: a wet dog shaking off its coat in your face or running around the house soaking wet.

Yeah, that sounds pretty terrible, too! 

Some of the pups you’re about to see have deliberately chosen to get wet. Others couldn’t raise their voice and protest against bathing. What both groups have in common is that they all look ridiculous when wet.

I present to you 29 wet dogs that look more like Gremlins than dogs when they get wet! 

1. Some Pups Turn Into Bear Cubs

Seriously, how is this not a little bear cub? Come on!

cute puppy wet and dry
Source: Reddit

2. A Change Of The Dimension

From which dimension did this wet dog crawl out of? Well, to me, he looks like he got straight outta nightmare!

wet dog in a bath
Source: Reddit

3. The Face Of Despair

Once, I was a good-looking dawg… once… Now, look at what she did to me! She washed off all my fluffy fabulousness.

big black dog wet and dry
Source: Reddit

4.  Water Helps Us Transform

Hold your horses! This is not a real polar bear being held as an indoor pet. It’s just a friendly pup that likes being transformed into a cuddle bear during bath time. Yeah, those foam hairstyles are so level under!

white wet dog in a bath
Source: Reddit

5.  You Will Regret This, Hooman

I’d sleep with one eye open tonight. This pup didn’t take his bath well. I can’t even imagine the things going on inside his mind. The revenge will be painful.

cute small dog dry and wet
Source: Reddit

6. Water Dissolves Fluffiness

He went from a fluffy boy to a wet boy in seconds. All that fluffiness is gone. You can see clearly what he’s thinking on his face: Will I ever be a fluffy Newfypoo again? 

newfypoo before and during a bath
Source: Reddit

7.  It’s Not Funny At All

You think this is funny, don’t you? What if I took a hose and gave you an icy-cold bath? Would that be funny?

funny wet dog looking into camera
Source: Reddit

8. A Cry For Help

Can someone save this poor soul from getting a bath? He’s clearly shaking, wishing he could escape.

serious wet dog in a bath
Source: Reddit

9.  I See No Problem Here

What do you mean by ‘I can’t go inside’? I’m wet because I had fun playing in the rain. You know, your home could use a bit of “wet dog scent”. Smells too clean for my taste.

wet dog sitting on stairs in front door
Source: Reddit

10. Pretend We Like It

Listen, Hugo… pretend we like this bath thing. Later, when she falls asleep, we’ll poop in her favorite shoes as revenge. 

two wet dogs covered with pink towel
Source: Reddit

11. I Have My Thinking Mohawk On

Some dogs like foamy hairstyles, while others prefer to wear their thinking mohawks. You can tell this doggo is thinking about his next snack.

funny white wet dog looking into camera
Source: Reddit

12. I May Look Like A Giant Rat, But What About You?

It’s not nice to call me names, Karen. How would you feel if I said you look like a rat, too?

wet dog standing in a bath and looking into camera
Source: Reddit

13.  His Favorite Part

He’ll suffer through bath time just because he knows this comes afterward: cuddling session in a blanket with mommy.

cute wet dog in a towel in owner's arms
Source: Reddit

14. I Swear This Is Not How I Usually Look

This bad lady came by and gave me a bath. I look disgusting. I’m not fluffy nor fabulous. I’m just pathetic. 

wet and dry dog on the bed
Source: Reddit

15. As If He Doesn’t Look Bad Already

Yes, because that’s exactly what this pup needs: bunny ears. Seriously, hooman… cut him some slack.

small dog having bath looking into camera
Source: Reddit

16. Looks Like A Sad Old Man

And, a grumpy one, too!

dog having a bath looking like old sad man
Source: Reddit

17. The Face Of Revenge

You’re gonna pay for this, Sharon. My revenge will be sweet! Mua-ha-haaa!

wet dog in a bath looking into camera
Source: Reddit

18. It’s The Legs’ Fault

Those tiny legs just have to drag him through the wet grass. If Doxies were taller, none of this would happen. 

fun wet doxie outdoors
Source: Reddit

19. Tiny Dogs Have Tiny Baths

The kitchen sink is the pawfect place to make a tiny bath for a tiny pup. 

wet dog in a kitchen sink looking into camera
Source: Reddit

20. He’s Done It Again, Right?

He made me a whole set… a beard, a mustache, and an old man’s eyebrows, didn’t he? I swear, this has to stop! 

small cute dog having a bath looking like an old man
Source: Reddit

21. Excuse Me, Sir… May I Be Excused?

Bath time is over, and now this poor pupper wants to go out and dry himself in a cozy blanket. Such a polite little pupper! 

wet dog sitting in a bath and looking into camera
Source: Reddit

22. Will Someone Brush Me Already?

I told her a million times: if my hair dries this way, it stays this way. Please, brush me now!

shaggy wet dog looking funny
Source: Reddit

23. Woke Up From My Nap And Bam… Bath Time!

Someone just woke up from a nap and got an unpleasant surprise. Not a good way to be woken up at all. 

wet dog looking sleepy having bath
Source: Reddit

24. Don’t Look At Me!

I’m hideous… don’t look at me! All my fluffiness is dissolved. I’m a disgrace to all fluffy white pooches.

white fluffy dog dry and wet
Source: Reddit

25. What Kind Of Sorcery Is This?

She was fluffy, and a moment later, all her fluffiness disappeared. What is water? Some kind of sorcery? 

adorable fluffy dog dry and wet
Source: Boredpanda

26. Her Wonderful Curls Are Gone

You can clearly tell she’s begging you to grab a blow dryer and a brush to restore her lovely, curly ears. A Cavalier girl is nothing without her curls!

wet Cavalier dog looking into camera
Source: Instagram

27. Another Wet Rat

Who you callin’ wet rat, you wet rat? I’mma come after you, watch yo back!

wet dog looking like a rat having bath
Source: Instagram

28. The Proud Face

Yes, I did get into the water. Is there a problem? I don’t see a problem. The day is hot, so…

wet dog sitting beside a pond in nature
Source: Instagram

29. Monster From The Depths

Here, we see a monster from the depths getting outside the water for his daily walk. 

wet dog in a water looking in to camera
Source: Instagram