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50 Weird Sleeping Positions Only Dogs Can Do

50 Weird Sleeping Positions Only Dogs Can Do

We’ve all been there – tired and desperate to come home and crash into a warm and comfy bed. Yup, our dogs too! 

The energy bar goes empty. All systems are shutting down. The only thing on the mind is sleep – lots of it. Nothing else is important. No wonder why some dogs crash in the funniest places.

Surely, a coffee table isn’t the comfiest place to rest your head, but when the situation calls… 

If it weren’t for these hilarious sleeping dogs, we wouldn’t have something to laugh about today. Presenting: 50 hilarious sleeping pups that will make you scratch your head and wonder how they got in such a position in the first place! 

1. Tetris Is, Obviously, His Favorite Game

2. Last Year, Mom Planted Some Seeds. I guess They Were Basset Hound Seeds…

3. Orthopedic Beds? What Are Those?

4. I Have One Question: Is It Merino Wool?

5. When You’re So Full, You Can’t Even Move

6. Well, He Just Passed Out

7. When Your Passenger Falls Asleep Immediately, And You’ve Got Four More Hours To Drive

8. When Begging Takes Too Long, So You Fall Asleep Waiting

9. When You Get Your Dog Aat Ikea, You Gotta Assemble It First.

10. Mom Says I’m Not Allowed On The Couch

11. He Saw It From The Cat. If I Fits I Sits.

12. Nothing To See Here… Just An Overgrown Guinea Pig.

13. When You Need Help Finding The Remote, And The Help Falls Asleep

14. Okay, Mommy… You Do My Nails, And I’ll Take A Nap

15. Behold: A Dog That Falls Asleep At The Vet’s

16.And This One Fell Asleep At The Groomer’s. Yikes!

17. The Swearing Ceremony Was Too Long

18. The Best Place In The House

19. He Fits In The Bowl, So There’s No Need In Buying A Bed

20. When Mommy Takes Too Long To Finish Her Shopping 

21. The Cutest Door Stop Ever

22. These Two Fell Asleep During A Photoshoot

23. When You Finally Master The “Play Dead” Command

24. Gravity? Never heard of her…

25. Guess What He’s Dreaming About!

26. When A Lullaby Is The Only Thing That Puts You To Sleep

27. The Neighborhood Party Was A Snooze! 

28. Paint me Like One Of Your French Girls!

29. Not Hilarious, But Worth Mentioning: Floating Him To Sleep Was The Only To Get This Dog Asleep. He Was In Such Pain.

30. The Definition Of A Needy Dog: The One That Sleeps On Your Feet

31. Puppy School Was Ruff Today

32. That Freshly-Washed Carpet Smell Is What Everyone Likes!

33. Food coma.

34. The Definition Of Sleeping Ugly.

35.  When The Weather Outside Makes You Sleepy 

36. Another Passenger That Falls Asleep Immediately 

37. When Butt Scoots Are So Tiring, You Fall Asleep

38. Decided She Wants To Work Out Today. Fell Asleep During Her First Crunch 

39. When It’s Friday At Work, And It Seems Like It Won’t Ever End

40. Another Pup That Likes Boxes As Much As Cats Do

41. Only Preggos Will Understand This Dog

42. The Headless Sleeper

43. Don’t You Know? That’s A Special Spot For Puppies! 

32. I’m A Bit Afraid For His Hind Legs 

45. He Fell Asleep While Chewing On His Leg 

46. A Cozy Sleep Next To A Fire

47. You Can Tell She’s Into Yoga

48. The Service Here Is Terrible. I’ve Been Waiting For My Puppuccino Forever! 

49. This Can’t Be Good For His Neck

50. Came In For A teeth Check Up, Fell Asleep Waiting