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The Weimaraner is a dog originally bred for hunting. He is an extremely strong, loyal and active dog. Many of these dogs are used today in search and rescue actions. In addition, these dogs are also wonderful pets who love to please their owners and are known for forming strong bonds with their human family members.

a beautiful Weimaraner dog lying on the grass

Do Weimaraners Shed? Advice On Grooming Your Weimaraner

Here is a guide to the 'gray ghost,’ with information about how much they shed, grooming advice, and general care.

dog runs in the snow

These 25 Weimaraner Mixes Will Steal Your Heart

Take a look at these wonderful dogs in all shapes, sizes, and colors. All of the 25 mixes listed here today are brilliant pups.

Purebred Weimaraner dog outdoors

Weimaraner Colors: Introducing You To The Gray Ghost

Weimaraner colors come in three AKC-recognized variations. But, all of them are equally stunning. Have you seen how pretty Weims are?

two weimaraner dogs standing on the grass

Male Vs. Female Weimaraner: Which Gray Ghost Should You Choose?

Does gender really matter? Check out this article and find out everything you ever wanted to know about these dogs.

two adorable Mini Weims are sitting on the grass

Mini Weimaraner: Shrunken Down To Cuteness

This dog is the smaller and cuter version of the standard Weimaraner. Sadly, all this beauty comes with a hefty price!

weimaraner dog lying on the grass

Weimaraner Cost: Puppy Price, Care, Food, And Vet Bills

Here is a guide to the cost of buying and caring for your Weimaraner puppy, including food, grooming, and vet bills.

weimaraner dog standing on a lawn

The Weimaraner Growth Chart For A Healthier Puppy

Are you worried that your Weimaraner's growth isn’t going smoothly? Check out the Weimaraner growth chart, which might be helpful!

The Weimaraner is lying on the couch

Weimaraner Feeding Chart – How To Feed A Gray Ghost

Take a look at the comprehensive Weimaraner feeding chart, including the amount of food and meals per day a dog needs according to its age.

blue weimaraner dog in nature

4 Steps To A Blue Weimaraner Dog

No, this is not a coloring shampoo tutorial. It is an explanation of how the blue Weimaraner gets its coat and its overall characteristics. Do have a read.