Will A Dog With Bloat Drink Water?  5 Useful Tips


1. Vet Evaluation

Vets are very familiar with bloat. The increased incidence of the condition has raised awareness in the treatment and progress is almost always guaranteed.

2. Gastropexy

Gastropexy is the last step towards the wellbeing of your puppy. It is a surgical procedure where the stomach of the dog is permanently stitched to the stomach wall.

3. Prophylactic Approach

Plan everything. The time they eat. Play time. Walking time. Nap time. Dogs are kings of habits and easily adapted to routine.

4. Avoid Large Meals

Dogs that have a tendency to eat fewer, but larger meals are prone to developing the condition. Large amounts of food just do not suit your canine.

5. Lifted Food Bowls

Lifted food bowls help prevent your dog from devouring their food. It also prevents them from swallowing excessive amounts of air.