Why Does My Dog Eat My Underwear? 4 Reasons And 3 Solutions!

Your Dog Loves Your Scent

What better source of your pheromones than your dirty underwear that they will dig up from the laundry basket?

Your Dog Is Bored And Is Asking For Attention

Some dogs just need more attention, and by chewing on underwear, they are showing you that they are seeking it.

Your Puppy Is Teething

They will chew on any foreign object that crosses their path, including a pair of underwear. Mixing this with the scent of your pheromones and your underwear is like winning the lottery for them!

Improving Their Hunting Skills

When they feel a hunting moment coming, they usually try to find something that has a more intense smell. So, underwear is perfect for them.

Use Anti-Chew Spray

Spray the pair that you decided to give him and just leave them lying around. The taste will be so disgusting for him that he will leave them.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Hiding your underwear from places where they can reach is the most effective way for them to stop eating it. If you leave them all around the house, it almost feels like an invitation to grab them and eat them.

Toys To The Rescue

A fun toy you can get for your dog is a food-dispensing toy. You can put different food items in there and their favorite snacks. This is a fantastic way to lure and even bribe your dog to leave the underwear.