Why Do Dogs Arch Their Backs?  11 Surprising Reasons

Dogs tend to arch their back for a brief moment when they are excited and want to play. This usually represents the beginning stage of them inviting you to play with them.

1. They Are Excited

The dog's stomach is stretched by air, food, or liquid. This is quite uncomfortable for the dog, and it can lead to some serious issues.

2. Gastric Dilatation And Volvulus (GDV, Or Bloat)

3. They Are In Pain

By arching their back, dogs are relieving some of the pain they feel. Any type of stomach pain is not good to be left untreated, contact your vet!

A dog’s spine is very firm, and it can handle some distress, but there are always problems that can occur. There is a health issue called kyphosis.

4. Spinal Problems

Anal sac fluid retention causes tension in your dog’s hind quarters, and they will try to release that tension by lowering that part of the body.

5. Anal Sac Disorders

Abdominal pain is tricky, and it can cause your dog a lot of discomfort. Arching their back is their way of releasing some of that pain.

6. Abdominal Problems

Spondylosis Deformans can appear in the lower back, part of the upper back, and at the end of the lower part where the tail begins.

7. Spondylosis Deformans

Nausea usually comes with some stomach pain, or an upset stomach, so this is why they are arching their back.

8. Nausea

Arching their back is something that can also be pleasurable, and it does not mean that there is some problem. This way, they are stretching their muscles.

9. Stretching

Some dog breeds were bred in a way that their back was naturally arched. This was really popular with German Shepherds.

10. Certain Standards

An inflamed prostate can lead to several problems for the dog, and it will give them a lot of discomfort. Arching their back helps them urinate and release some of that pain.

11. Inflamed Prostate