What Were Chihuahuas Bred For?  Origins of These Little Dogs


Due to their involvement in religious rituals, the toltec civilization regarded these dogs as almost holy animals.

1. Holy Animal

2. Companion Dog

Chihuahuas were among the best-known companion animals back then, particularly in ancient Mexico.

3. Used For Food

Sadly, Chihuahuas were at a certain point bred for their nutritious values. Most of the Mayan sources of meat were from Chihuahuas.

4. Rat Hunter

Even while they make wonderful family pets, some individuals say Chihuahuas are even better at hunting tiny animals.

5. Guard Dogs

It might surprise you, but these tiny dogs are extremely vocal. They have a big heart and superhero mentality.

6. Herding Dog

Even though Chis were not exclusively bred for herding, they are very intelligent, and could be easily trained to be an ankle herder.

7. Perfect Lap Dog

Modern Chihuahuas are exclusively companion dogs, and sometimes even purse dogs, as we have seen in many movies.