Top 7 Adorable Aussiedoodle Haircuts You Have To See!

1. Teddy Bear Cut

This haircut is perfect for winter months as your Aussiedoodle can have his coat long enough not to allow him to get too cold.

This haircut is very handy if your dog struggles with matting. Brushing your Aussiedoodle that has a kennel cut is easier and quicker!

2. Kennel Cut

3. Poodle Cut

If your Aussiedoodle has the remarkably tight poodle curls, the cropped Poodle cut will make it easier to maintain!

4. Puppy Cut

Your Aussiedoodle will have a ½ inch or ¾ inch long coat, while his feet will look unbelievably cute, clipped in a way that makes a round shape!

5. Summer Cut

This hairstyle is very easy to maintain – your dog will be clean and tange-free. You will not have to brush him very often.

6. Terrier Cut

Aussidedoodle's hair will be trimmed around his muzzle and his eyebrows in order to give it the look of a real Terrier!

7. Lion Cut

If you like trying new ideas, and you don’t want your Aussiedoodle to look like most of the dogs of this breed, you should definitely try the lion cut!