Top 5 Adorable Bloodhound Mixes

Top 5 Adorable Bloodhound Mixes

1. Bulldog Bloodhound

Kind and even temperament is what best describes this wonderful hybrid dog breed. The Bulldog Bloodhound mix is a calm puppy that loves to relax and take it easy.

2. Labrador Retriever Bloodhound

In addition to extraordinary looks, Labloodhound’s temperament is what most dog lovers fall for!

3. Golden Retriever Bloodhound

The Golden Bloodhound is an affectionate pooch that will most likely want to spend each minute by your side. You will never be bored as long as this Golden hound is next to you!

4. Catahoula Bloodhound

Depending on which dog parent side it leans more towards, a Bloodahouli can either be an energetic watchdog, or an energetic people-pleaser.

5. Basset Hound Bloodhound

The Basset Bloodhound is a great friend and an even greater family member. Another great thing about this mix is that it is very trainable and it will get along with children very well.