Teacup Pug: 7 Reasons Why This The Right Pug For You

Small Size

Teacup Pugs are a toy breed, hence why we also call them Toy Pugs. However, they’re significantly smaller than any of the pups from the AKC’s toy group.

Mini Physical Features

Teacup Pugs don’t have different physical features other than their size. They look pretty much the same as standard Pugs!

Unique Eye Colors

Puppies usually start with dark blue eyes that will turn a shade of brown as they age. So, we can say that the signature eye color of Pugs is brown.

Funky Coat Colors

Teacup Pugs come in different coat colors. Some light-coated pups may have a dark line going down their back but all black Pugs don’t have it.

Family Pets

The Teacup Pug’s clownish behavior puts them on the list of some of the finest family pets.

Loyal To The Bone

Teacup Pugs are very loyal and happy dogs that love to spend time with their owners.

Friendly And Outgoing

These extra tiny versions of Pugs may get along with other pets, but since they're small, they can can easily be injured by larger dogs.