5 Reasons Why You Will Fall For The Samoyed Husky Mix

1. Parent Breeds Are Pawesome

Both parents of the Samoyed Husky mix share similar backgrounds, lifestyle preferences, and even appearance.

2. Pawfect Size

The Samusky is definitely a good-sized dog, perfect for all home sizes. They are generally fit, compact, and well-built dogs.

3. Adorable Appearance

You will recognize Samusky dogs for their pointy ears, long tails, and a big grin all over their cute faces.

4. Active Dogs

Samusky dogs love all exercise courses. Besides the two hours needed every day, these dogs like to play games.

5. Healthy Dogs

Samoyed Husky mixes are fairly healthy dogs. You don’t have to worry about any major or life-threatening issues with this hybrid dog!